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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 18,995 Meat.

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Jick: Guitar Riff Head Line Head
CDMoyer: Well, one counter is at 87/100. But I'm worried it may then have to do it a second time. Fingers crossed.
CDMoyer: it'll be back in... X minutes? I think X is about 15 minutes from now.  ;)
Jick: Sneaky Driver,
CDMoyer: Wait, wait, wait. We forget a lot of things, but I'm pretty sure that I've never had to retroactively hand out thwaitgold.

Today's Featured Article:

One Chroner

Time in the Kingdom has never flowed quite smoothly, but nowhere is that more true than in The Time-Twitching Tower. It appeared after an alien, uh, "invasion", and it has flung adventurers though the timestream to timeplaces such as the Stone Age, the Roaring '20s, Ancient Rome, and the Apocalyptic Future.

While the Tower is open, you can part the veil of reality as well as time, and watch Jick and friends do development, LIVE! Twitch your way across the internet to join.

Much like its spiritual siblings, The Spectral Pickle Factory and The Traveling Trader, none may know the hour of its coming and going, except that it's usually about once every month or two, on the weekend, and they announce it about two weeks before hand. So there's that.

Read more about chroner-making opportunities at Twitch Livestream World Event!

Today in KoL History:

2008: Fixed an ancient typo that was causing Disco Dance II: Electric Boogaloo to do less damage than it was supposed to.

2006: Due to a stupid error on the part of Xenophobe, we accidentally had the long rollover tonight (when it was supposed to be the rollover after this one.) The good news is that it took less than an hour -- much shorter than originally calculated. Long rollovers such as these will continue, starting next week, on Saturday night, Arizona time. (8:30 PM, -7 GMT)

2005: Jick re-implemented the spooky vampire to the Spooky Forest, after accidentally unsetting it for a few weeks in a coding accident. Forum residents were elated, after spending hundreds of adventures to discover the mistake.

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