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Meat.gifYou gain 19,050 Meat.

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CDMoyer: I wish Ezandora had told me!
Hotstuff: We're currently in Nintendo limbo while they do whatever arcane paperwork is required to approve the production of the cartridges. Not sure why it takes so long (weeks so far).  :/
CDMoyer: Why are you such an ass?
CDMoyer: It was, but that was a mistake. It doesn't have any cocktail crafting recipes.
Jick: U. C. Pac Man

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This is the council that runs the Kingdom of Loathing, waiting for a brave adventurer that will free King Ralph XI. The council gives the adventurers different quests and eventually will ask them to free the king. Apart from regular quests that involves cleaning the kindom, you may also get additional quests.

Get ordered around by The Council of Loathing here.

Today in KoL History:

2012: Some changes were made to the way critical hits work. See the forums for details.

2006: There is a new inventory option which allows you to unequip your familiar equipment when you click [unequip all] on the inventory page.

2006: There is now an option in the Account Menu to show the name of your currently equipped outfit on the left pane. (This feature does not work in compact mode.)

2004: Shady new dealings are taking place at Uncle P's Antiques. The Council has called an emergency session to formulate a strategy for dealing with this new crime wave...

2004: Doing a /who in the chat should now only show people who are actually logged in to the chat.

A bug where putting a slash in a familiar's name would cause it to disappear when it was put back in the terrarium was fixed. Thanks to Arbitrage and the others who reported it.

2003: The Evil Golden Arches are now implemented, and the Cave quest has been revamped.

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