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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 19,607 Meat.

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Jick: The Symbols From Below
Jick: The traffic to this forum is effectively zero.
Jick: Imaginary Pokemon France
Hotstuff: Let's revisit this once there is a new path, yeah? The common stuff is largely meant to be interesting in this particular path, and I'm happy to tweak things down the road.
Hotstuff: Yeah, it's only gear because that made thematic sense. The core of the item is not based in the fact that it is a piece of gear.

Today's Featured Article:

One Chroner

Time in the Kingdom has never flowed quite smoothly, but nowhere is that more true than in The Time-Twitching Tower. It appeared after an alien, uh, "invasion", and it has flung adventurers though the timestream to timeplaces such as the Stone Age, the Roaring '20s, Ancient Rome, and the Apocalyptic Future.

While the Tower is open, you can part the veil of reality as well as time, and watch Jick and friends do development, LIVE! Twitch your way across the internet to join.

Much like its spiritual siblings, The Spectral Pickle Factory and The Traveling Trader, none may know the hour of its coming and going, except that it's usually about once every month or two, on the weekend, and they announce it about two weeks before hand. So there's that.

Read more about chroner-making opportunities at Twitch Livestream World Event!

Today in KoL History:

2007: Tonight, rollover will take a little extra time as Xenophobe puts an end to the varied and sundry anniversary gift problems. The fix should not take more than an additional 15 minutes (on top of normal rollover time.)

2007: Anniversary gifts should be fixed now (once and for all.) In order to fix everyone at once, we've had to nuke all the anniversary gifts and gift boxes in the Kingdom from orbit. (It was the only way to be sure.) Fret not, however -- when you log in, you will receive a new gift box with all the gifts which you may have had before, like nothing had ever happened.

2007: The feedback from shrugging a buff (via right click on the character pane) should now load inline on whatever page you're on (like quick skills) if you are using a recent version of IE or Firefox (parenthetical statement!)

2005: Gift packages now have their own subsection in the miscellaneous section of the inventory.

2005: Xenophobe put together some slick image maps for the Sorceress' Lair -- you can now jump to individual parts of the tower from the page linked to from the main map.

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