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Behind a pile of garbage in The Heap, you encounter a hobo bent over a motley assortment of laboratory equipment.

"Hey, whatcha got there?" you ask.

"Shhhhh." replies the hobo, "I'm almost done."

You wait around for a few minutes, and just as you're about to give up and wander off, the hobo picks up a small beaker filled with liquid, sniffs it, and says "You reek -- Eureka! I've done it! I've concentrated this garbage juice to a potency beyond anything we've ever dreamed of! I'll be rich! Rich!"

"Er... pardon me for asking, but how exactly is that going to make you rich?" you ask.

"Allow me to demonstrate. Hello, Adventurer! Would you like to buy a vial of concentrated garbage juice? Only 5 nickels!"

(You currently have X hobo nickels.)

Buy it (5 nickels)
  • With 5 hobo nickels:

You hand over the nickels and the hobo pours a small amount of the juice into a tiny glass vial.

Lightvial.gifYou acquire an item: concentrated garbage juice
  • Without 5 hobo nickels:

You can't afford any garbage juice.

Don't buy it

You're not interested in garbage juice. Good for you.

Occurs at The Heap, semi-rarely.