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| Jeselnik's
| Jeselnik's
| +25 Damage to {{element|Sleaze}}
| +25 to {{element|Sleaze}}
| Jim Carey's
| Jim Carey's

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An Item Modifier alters the way an item looks or what stats it gives. They were introduced with the Two Crazy Random Summer path. Weaker versions of these modifiers can appear on the ring, the 2CRS path reward.

Items can have multiple modifiers.

Equipment Modifiers

Name prefix/suffix Enchantment
Annie Oakley's +20% chance of Critical Hit
arcane researcher's +10% to all Mysticality Gains
aromatic Slight Stench Resistance (+1)
asbestos-lined Superhuman Hot Resistance (+5)
auspicious +10% Item Drops from Monsters
avaricious +30% Meat from Monsters
baleful +25 Spell Damage
banded +100 Damage Absorption
beefcake's +25 Muscle
beefy +10 Muscle
boxer's +10% Muscle
brainy +5 Mysticality
brawny +20% Muscle
careful -10 to Monster Level
censurious Serious Sleaze Resistance (+3)
chaotic +10% chance of Spell Critical Hit
chilly +5 Cold Damage
clever +20 Maximum MP
cool +5 Moxie
coward's -20 to Monster Level
crafty +10 Maximum MP
curative 3-5 HP per Adventure
Da Vinci's +5 Mysticality Stats per Fight
dance instructor's +10% to all Moxie Gains
dangerous Weapon Damage +10
deadly Weapon Damage +5
dog trainer's +1 Familiar Experience per Combat
double-paned Superhuman Cold Resistance (+5)
educational +1 Stats per Fight
electrified 3-5 MP per Adventure
energetic +20% Maximum MP
executive +40% Meat from Monsters
experienced +2 Stats per Fight
extremely unsafe Weapon Damage +100%
family-friendly Slight Sleaze Resistance (+1)
fireproof Serious Hot Resistance (+3)
flame-retardant Slight Hot Resistance (+1)
flame-wreathed +10 Damage to Hot Spells
Fonzie's +1 Moxie Stats per Fight
forbidden Spell Damage +50%
fortified +60 Damage Absorption
foul-smelling +10 Stench Damage
friendly +3 to Familiar Weight
frightening +5 Spooky Damage
frosty +10 Damage to Cold Spells
gravedigger's +10 Spooky Damage
greasy +10 Damage to Sleaze Spells
greedy +20% Meat from Monsters
grievous Weapon Damage +50%
groovy +10% Moxie
hale +20 Maximum HP
hardened Damage Reduction: 3
hardy +50 Maximum HP
healthy +20% Maximum HP
Herculean +1 Muscle Stats per Fight
horrifying +25 Spooky Damage
Inspector's +15% Item Drops from Monsters
Jack Frost's +50 Damage to Cold Spells
Jeselnik's +25 to Sleaze Damage
Jim Carey's +25 to Monster Level
knitted Serious Cold Resistance (+3)
lard-coated +25 Damage to Sleaze Spells
lightning-fast +40% Combat Initiative
lion tamer's +2 Familiar Experience per Combat
Lo Pan's +30% Chance of Spell Critical Hit
MacGyver's +100 Maximum MP
mansplainer's +15 to Monster Level
manspreader's +10 to Monster Level
medical-grade Regenerate 7-10 HP per adventure
miser's +10% Meat from Monsters
nasty +5 Stench Damage
Newton's +3 Mysticality Stats per Fight
nippy +10 Cold Damage
occult Spell Damage +25%
of bravery Superhuman Spooky Resistance (+5)
of Calamity Jane +15% chance of Critical Hit
of chilblains +25 Cold Damage
of courage Serious Spooky Resistance (+3)
of dire peril Weapon Damage +20
of doom +50 Damage to Spooky Spells
of extreme caution -25 to Monster Level
of Flo-Jo +100% Combat Initiative
of Gandalf +20% Chance of Spell Critical Hit
of horror +25 Damage to Spooky Spells
of incineration +50 Damage to Hot Spells
of James Dean +3 Moxie Stats per Fight
of Leguizamo +20 to Monster Level
of mayonnaise +50 Damage to Sleaze Spells
of Tarzan +3 Muscle Stats per Fight
of temperance Superhuman Sleaze Resistance (+5)
of terror +10 Damage to Spooky Spells
of the blizzard +25 Damage to Cold Spells
of the bloodbag +100 Maximum HP
of the boozehound +100% Booze Drops from Monsters
of the brute +30% Muscle
of the businessman +50% Meat from Monsters
of the cheetah +60% Combat Initiative
of the cougar +20 Moxie
of the dark arts Spell Damage +100%
of the detective +20% Item Drops from Monsters
of the early riser +7 Adventures per day
of the empath +5 to Familiar Weight
of the glutton +100% Food Drops from Monsters
of the overflowing toilet +50 Damage to Stench Spells
of the pedagogue +3 Stats per Fight
of the scaredy-cat -15 to Monster Level
of the sewer +25 Stench Damage
of the storm +40% Maximum MP
of the sweet-tooth +100% Candy Drops from Monsters
of the wise owl +20 Mysticality
of vim and vigor +50% Maximum HP
of wisdom +15 Mysticality
Oprah's +50% Maximum MP
padded Damage Absorption +20
perfumed Superhuman Stench Resistance (+5)
personal trainer's +10% to all Muscle Gains
prompt +3 Adventures per day
quilted +40 Damage Absorption
razor-sharp Weapon Damage +25%
reassuring Slight Spooky Resistance (+1)
resourceful +50 Maximum MP
ribald +10 Sleaze Damage
rock-hard Damage Reduction: 5
rosewater-soaked Serious Stench Resistance (+3)
Rosewater's +30% Mysticality
rosy-cheeked +30% Maximum HP
ruddy +40% Maximum HP
sage +10% Mysticality
Samson's +5 Muscle Stats per Fight
savvy +20% Mysticality
scandalous +5 Sleaze Damage
scorching +25 Hot Damage
sharpshooter's +10% chance of Critical Hit
shellacked Damage Reduction: 7
Sherlock's +25% Item Drops from Monsters
Sinatra's +5 Moxie Stats Per Fight
sinister Spell Damage +10
sizzling +10 Hot Damage
slick +10 Moxie
smartaleck's +30% Moxie
smelly +10 Damage to Stench Spells
smooth +15 Moxie
Socratic +1 Mysticality Stats per Fight
stanky +25 Damage to Stench Spells
steel-toed Damage Reduction: 9
stiffened Damage Reduction: 1
strapping +5 Muscle
studded +80 Damage Absorption
stylish +25 Moxie
supercharged +30% Maximum MP
supercool +20% Moxie
Temple Grandin's +7 to Familiar Weight
Tesla Regenerate 7-10 MP per Adventure
therapeutic Regenerate 5-7 HP per Adventure
thinker's +10 Mysticality
toasty +5 Hot Damage
up-at-dawn +5 Adventures per day
Usain Bolt's +80% Combat Initiative
Van der Graaf 5-7 MP per Adventure
veiny +10 Maximum HP
vibrating +10% Maximum MP
weightlifter's +15 Muscle
wholesome +10% Maximum HP
wicked Spell Damage +5
wizardly +25 Mysticality
wool Slight Cold Resistance (+1)
zippy +20% Combat Initiative

Consumable Modifiers

Food and Booze

Food and booze items can gain modifiers to size and quality. Their normal substat gain/loss is removed, and they may give random substats. They lose any effect normally gained by consuming them, though they can gain modifiers that grant a positive effect.

Name prefix Size Quality Other Consumable Type
acceptable none good none booze
adequate none good none food
aged none awesome none booze
artisanal none EPIC none booze
bad none decent none booze
big 5 none none food
bite-sized 1 none none food
bland none decent none food/booze
boozy 5 none none booze
decent none good none food
delicious none awesome none food/booze
diet 1 none none food
distilled 5 none none booze
drinkable none good none booze
enchanted none none 5-50 turns of a fixed, random buff, multiple of 5 food/booze
extra-dry 5 none none booze
fancy none none 5-50 turns of a fixed, random buff, multiple of 5 food/booze
flavorless none decent none food
fortified 5 none none booze
gigantic 6+ none none food
half-sized 2 none none food
hand-crafted none EPIC none booze
high-proof 6+ none none booze
immense 6+ none none food
irresponsibly strong 6+ none none booze
jumbo 5 none none food
lousy none decent none booze
low-calorie 1 none none food
massive 6+ none none food
mediocre none decent none booze
miniature 2 none none food
moldy none crappy none food
normal none good none food
perfectly mixed none EPIC none booze
practically non-alcoholic 1 none none booze
rotten none crappy none food
small 2 none none food
smooth none awesome none booze
snack-sized 2 none none food
special none none 5-50 turns of a fixed, random buff, multiple of 5 food/booze
spirit-forward 5 none none booze
spoiled none crappy none food
stale none decent none food
tasty none awesome none food
thick 5 none none food
tiny 1 none none food
tolerable none good none booze
toothsome none awesome none food
triple-distilled 6+ none none booze
watered down 2 none none booze
weak 2 none none booze
yummy none awesome none food


All spleen items become size-1. They lose their normal functions, though hard-coded functions still work. They give random substats, and some also grant a random positive effect.

Spleen items may gain the following prefixes: altered, boiled, compressed, dehydrated, denatured, diluted, distilled, dried, mixed, modified, and pickled, powdered, twisted, and vaporized.


Potions are given a random positive effect with random duration.

They may gain the following prefixes: activated, adjusted, aerosolized, anodized, alkaline, boiled, chilled, cold-filtered, colloidal, concentrated, corrupted, deionized, denatured, diffused, dry, energized, enhanced, flattened, frozen, galvanized, improved, ionized, irradiated, liquefied, magnetized, modified, moist, nitrogenated, oxygenated, pickled, polarized, polymerized, pressed, quantum, tarnished, unsweetened, vacuum-sealed, Vulcanized, warmed, and wet.

The words above can gain an additional prefix: double-, triple-, quadruple-, extra-, non-, and super-.

Cosmetic Modifiers

Cosmetic modifiers alter the item's appearance. They can appear on any item, including items not otherwise affected by randomization.

Name prefix/suffix Image variation
blinking blinking
blue blue
blurry blurry
bouncing bouncing
cyan cyan
fuchsia fuchsia
ghostly transparent/light gray
gray gray
green green
huge huge
jittery jittery
lime green lime green
maroon maroon
mirror none
narrow narrow
olive olive
pulsating pulsating
purple purple
red red
shaking shaking
skewed skewed
spinning spinning
squat squat
teal teal
tumbling tumbling
twirling twirls/spins horizontally
upside-down upside-down
wobbly wobbly
yellow yellow