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{{NeedsContent|comment=Entries for new foods (carrot cake, jars of psychoses, ??) once their adventure yields are known}}
{{NeedsContent|comment=Entries for new foods (carrot cake, jars of psychoses, Dreadyslvania foods, etc) once their adventure yields are known}}
The quality of a [[:Category:Food|food]] is a measure of the benefit of the food compared to the [[fullness]] it gives you. For instance, if a food gives you 5 adventures and 12 muscle substat points for 2 fullness, then it has an adventure quality of 2.5 and a muscle substat quality of 6.
The quality of a [[:Category:Food|food]] is a measure of the benefit of the food compared to the [[fullness]] it gives you. For instance, if a food gives you 5 adventures and 12 muscle substat points for 2 fullness, then it has an adventure quality of 2.5 and a muscle substat quality of 6.

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Entries for new foods (carrot cake, jars of psychoses, Dreadyslvania foods, etc) once their adventure yields are known

The quality of a food is a measure of the benefit of the food compared to the fullness it gives you. For instance, if a food gives you 5 adventures and 12 muscle substat points for 2 fullness, then it has an adventure quality of 2.5 and a muscle substat quality of 6.

The following table lists which foods are the best quality for maximizing the number of adventures you get for each unit of fullness. They are sorted in descending order by adventures-per-unit-fullness. If you are looking to maximize stat gains, see Best Foods (stats).

This table does not currently take into account the actual distribution of adventure gains given by each food, but rather assumes an equal likelihood of all results. (For example, a spooky mushroom grants 3 adventures much more often than it grants 2.) Because this uneven distribution is expected only for the minimum and maximum values, it should have little effect on the "good" foods.

Note that various game mechanics affect the adventures gained from eating food. See also:

A Table which lists Food with various effects such as Opossum, Munchies, Milk, and Salad fork can be found here.

Tier Foods Level Req. Adventures Fullness Adv Per Full
Hobopolis Big Merv's Protein Shakes, Sizzling Weasel On a Stick, Suddenly Salad! - 70 5 14
Hobopolis tin cup of mulligan stew 15 17 2 8.5
Hobopolis frozen banquet 15 45 6 7.5
Fernswarthy's Basement levels 100 and 400 sandwich of the gods 13 35 5 7.0
The Suburbs of Dis green hamhock 12 21 3
Crimbo wand of fudge control fudge bunny 8 65 10 6.5
Gar-ish Lasagnas (see note) potion of the field gar + gnat lasagna, long pork lasagna, fishy fish lasagna 10 19 3 6.33
Hobopolis extra-greasy slider 13 31.5 5 6.3
Pork Elf space products Moon Pie 5 30 5 6.0
Strange Leaflet grue egg omelette 9 24 4
candy diorama Food Red drunki-bear, Green drunki-bear, Yellow drunki-bear (see note) 6
Tempuramancy dishes tempura radish 7 6 1
tempura avocado, tempura carrot, tempura cucumber 5
Zombie Slayer boss brain -
hunter brain
Spectral Pickles spectral pickle 8 23 4 5.75
Ascension Rewards Retenez L'Herbe Paté 13 16.5 3 5.5
Pumpkin products pumpkin pie 2
A Bone Garden skeleton quiche 3 11 2
Radio KoL Prize radio button candy 8 5.5 1
Semi-Rare Adventures knob pasty, tasty tart -
Crimbo 2011 Food jerky coins
Peppermint Food peppermint patty 2 10.5 2 5.25
Nemesis quest find fancy beef jerky 9 20 4 5.0
Hippy Army MPE / Frat Army FGF Foods sausage wonton 12 15 3
Raffle House Prizes wedge of gray cheese 9 10 2
The Red Queen's Garden bishop cookie, king cookie, knight cookie, queen cookie, rook cookie 13 5 1
Camp Scout backpack bag of QWOP 6
Semi-Rare Adventures bowl of fishysoisse 8 29.5 6 4.92
Hi meins cold hi mein, hot hi mein, sleazy hi mein, spooky hi mein, stinky hi mein 7 24.5 5 4.9
Advanced Chow Meins bat wing chow mein, Knob sausage chow mein, rat appendix chow mein
Lesser Chow Meins pr0n chow mein 7 19.5 4 4.88
Hippy Army MPE / Frat Army FGF Foods tofu wonton 12 14.5 3 4.83
beer basted brat, super salad 11
Lasagnas gnat lasagna, long pork lasagna, fishy fish lasagna 10
Lesser Chow Meins tofu chow mein 7
Clip Art chow Ultrafondue 5
Pork Elf space products Crepes a la Lune 3 9.5 2 4.75
Feast of Boris Adventure herbal stuffing 7 18 4 4.5
Hippy Army MPE / Frat Army FGF Foods super ka-bob, nutty organic salad 11 13.5 3
Bounty Hunter Hunter Foods bowl of Bounty-Os 4
Crimbo Cookies bell-shaped Crimbo cookie, blob-shaped Crimbo cookie, tree-shaped Crimbo cookie, wreath-shaped Crimbo cookie 7 9 2
Crimboween Cookies bat-shaped Crimboween cookie, skull-shaped Crimboween cookie, tombstone-shaped Crimboween cookie
Organ Grinder epic pie badass pie 4
Crimbo Cookies circular CRIMBCOOKIE, square CRIMBCOOKIE, triangular CRIMBCOOKIE -
Tempuramancy dishes tempura broccoli 6 4.5 1
Lo Meins Knoll lo mein, spooky lo mein 6 17.5 4 4.38
Feast of Boris Adventure can-shaped gelatinous cranberry sauce 6 13 3 4.33
FDKOL commendation FDKOL hotcakes - 25.5 6 4.25
Lo Meins Knob lo mein 6 17 4
Rock food rocky road ice cream 7 8.5 2
Halloween Food fancy canapés, chocolate-covered scarab beetle 5
Organ Grinder pies shoo-fish pie 3
throbbing organ pie 2
Reagent Pasta Hell ramen 6 25 6 4.17
Demand Sandwich corned-beef Reuben 9 12.5 3
Lesser Lo Meins asparagus lo mein, olive lo mein 6
Reagent Pasta fettucini Inconnu, gnocchetti di Nietzsche, spaghetti with Skullheads 6 24.5 6 4.08
Reagent Pasta spaghetti con calaveras 6 24 6 4.0
Maki Sushi with toppings ancient serpent roll, eleven oceans roll, giant dragon roll, Jack LaLanne roll, musclebound rabbit roll, python roll, slippery snake roll, sneaky rabbit roll, tricky dragon roll, white rabbit roll, wise dragon roll, wizened master roll - 12 3
Clip Art chow Cheezburger
Skeleton Invasion food bone meal 6 8 2
Brushfires event forbidden sausage
Organ Grinder pies stomach turnover, piping organ pie, dead lights pie 2
Clip Art cat claws blunt cat claw, cool cat claw, shadowy cat claw - 4 1
Clip Art danishes forbidden danish, frozen danish, smashed danish
Clip Art donuts cool jelly donut, occult jelly donut, shrapnel jelly donut, thyme jelly donut
Advanced Casseroles gnatloaf casserole, fishy fish casserole, long pork casserole 9 11.5 3 3.83
Insane Burritos insanely spicy enchanted bean burrito 5
Key Lime Pies Boris's key lime pie, digital key lime pie, Jarlsberg's key lime pie, Sneaky Pete's key lime pie, star key lime pie 6 15 4 3.75
Organ Grinder pies igloo pie 2 7.5 2
Organic Produce Stand Pies peach pie, pear tart, Crimbo pie 7 11 3 3.67
Pastas delicious spicy noodles, evil delicious spicy noodles 5
The Red Queen's Garden Humpty Dumplings 5 14 4 3.5
Feast of Boris Adventure single-serving herbal stuffing -
candied yams, tofurkey leg 5 10.5 3
Insane Burritos insanely spicy bean burrito, insanely spicy jumping bean burrito 4
Greater Stir-Fries rat appendix stir-fry
Feast of Boris Adventure tube of cranberry Go-Goo -
Baboon products banana milkshake 8 7 2
Intermediate Stir-Fries pr0n stir-fry 4
Stone Age Hippy Food handful of nuts and berries 12 3.5 1
Tempuramancy dishes tempura cauliflower 6
Dodecahedron laser-broiled pear -
Evil Noodle Dishes 3vi1 pr0n m4nic0tti 3 13.5 4 3.38
Greater Stir-Fries bat wing stir-fry, Knob sausage stir-fry 4 10 3 3.33
Evil Noodle Dishes evil painful penne pasta 3
Oasis Drop savoy truffle 9 6.5 2 3.25
Fermentable Fruits brown sugar cane, cactus fruit, bunch of square grapes 7
Desert Drop centipede eggs
Mother's recipes White chocolate chip brownies 5
Feast of Boris Adventure tofurkey gravy
Demand Sandwich club sandwich 5 9.5 3 3.17
Evil Noodle Dishes evil spicy noodles 4
Worm Wood food S.T.L.T. 4 12.5 4 3.12
Crimbo chow penguin focaccia bread - 21 7 3.0
Pies banana cream pie 7 9 3
cherry pie 4
Spicy Burritos spicy enchanted bean burrito
Pastas spicy noodles
Evil Noodle Dishes evil delicious noodles, evil ravioli della hippy 3
Pork Elf space products Spaghetti with Moonballs 2
Maki Sushi beefy maki, glistening maki, slick maki -
N/A tin rations
Crimbo chow expired can of franks 'n' beans, festive sausage, holiday cheese log
Pyramid Drop unidentified jerky 9 6 2
Spiced Meat long pork chop sandwiches, gnatloaf, fishy fish 8
Seaside Megalopolis Drop protein paste 7
The Red Queen's Garden yellow matter custard 6
beautiful soup, Lobster qua Grill, walrus ice cream 5
Louvre Museum Adventure Manetwich 4
Intermediate Stir-Fries Knoll stir-fry, spooky stir-fry 3
Organ Grinder basic pie liver and let pie -
Nigiri Sushi beefy nigiri, glistening nigiri, slick nigiri
Hippy Army MPE / Frat Army FGF Foods brain-meltingly-hot chicken wings, frat brats, Genalen™ Bottle, mixed wildflower greens, handful of walnuts, knob ka-bobs 10 3 1
Cobb's Knob food Knob nuts 4
Crimbo candy candy cane, candy kneecapping stick, gingerbread bugbear, licorice garrote, jawbruiser, nanite-infested candy cane
Crimboween Cuisine candy stake, gingerbread horror
Organic Produce Stand fruits peach, pear, plum
Rabbit Hole Foods bucket of honey
Lesser Stir-Fries tofu stir-fry
asparagus stir-fry, olive stir-fry 3
Crimbo candy CRIMBCOIDS mints, gingerbread mutant bugbear, irradiated candy cane -
Cobb's Knob food Knob jelly donut
Zombie Slayer good brain
Brushfires event fiery wing
Black Food black forest ham 7 8.5 3 2.83
Crimbo chow knuckle sandwich 5
Spicy Burritos spicy bean burrito, spicy jumping bean burrito 3
Cursed Food cursed sea biscuit
Pastas painful penne pasta
Evil Noodle Dishes evil boring spaghetti
Crimbo chow can of franks 'n' beans -
Pastas pr0n m4nic0tti 3 11 4 2.75
Intermediate Stir-Fries Knob stir-fry 3 5.5 2
Worm Wood food escargotsicle, honey-dew 2
Pastas ravioli della hippy 3 8 3 2.67
Reagent Sauce Hell broth 3 10.5 4 2.63
Crimbo Chow gingerbread stir-fry - 13 5 2.6
Crimboween Cuisine bowl of unidentifiable goo - 12.5 5 2.5
Mt. Molehill Drop mole molé 4 7.5 3
Pastas boring spaghetti, delicious noodles 3
Feast of Boris Adventure tofurkey nugget -
packet of tofurkey gravy 5 2
The Slime Tube slimy sweetbreads 6 2.5 1
Pirate Food creamsicle 3
Black Forest drop blackberry 2
Nemesis quest drop turtle soup
Evil Food Jumbo Dr. Lucifer -
Fish Meat beefy fish meat, glistening fish meat, slick fish meat
Clip Art donuts Ur-Donut
Black Food black forest cake 7 7 3 2.33
Feast of Boris Adventure yam candy -
Demand Sandwich PB&BP
N/A wet stew - 13.5 6 2.25
Oasis Drop hot date 7 4.5 2
Chiroptera Chum bat haggis, menudo, rat scrapple 2
Clip Art chow toasted brie -
Cobb's Knob Laboratory Drop Philosopher's scone 4
Crimbo cuisine elven limbos gingerbread (1st time; see notes) 5 6.5 3 2.17
Pork Elf space products elven hardtack 4
Pizzas goat cheese pizza, mushroom pizza, sausage pizza 2
Depths charge glowing fungus -
Game Shoppe food natto pocky, tobiko pocky, wasabi pocky
N/A lihc eye pie 2 8.5 4 2.13
Crimbo Cuisine candy cane pizza -
Haunted Kitchen Drop brains casserole - 10 5 2.0
Pandamonium Food giant marshmallow 3 8 4
Mushroom Food cool mushroom casserole -
Crimboween Cuisine shoots and leaves
Black Food black pudding 7 6 3
Pies ghuol egg quiche, lemon meringue pie, strawberry pie 2
Exploded Chef Foods carob chunk noodles, chorizo brownies, white chocolate and tomato pizza
Elf Farm Raffle elfin shortbread
Third Generation Mushrooms flaming mushroom, frozen mushroom, stinky mushroom
Burritos enchanted bean burrito
Toot Oriole Food bowl of oriole's nest soup -
Mushroom Food stuffed spooky mushroom
Crimbo Food gumdrop chow mein
Pandamonium Food sponge cake 3 4 2
Spectral Pickle Food ghost cucumber 2
Camp Scout backpack bag of GORP -
Sea food toast with jam 3 2 1
Cobb's Knob food overcookie
Camp Scout backpack bag of GORF
TPS Fruits cherry, jumbo olive, lime 2
Unavailable Fruits superolive
Haunted Ballroom Drop dehydrated caviar, desiccated apricot
SHC Fruits cocktail onion, kiwi, kumquat, raspberry, tangerine
Sea food sea avocado, sea carrot, sea cucumber, sea honeydew, sea lychee, sea tangelo
Icy Peak Drop crazy little Turkish delight
Halloween Food foie gras
Pirate Food vinegar-soaked lemon slice
Baboon products glass of baboon milk
Petite Tacos chorizo taco, jumping bean taco, papaya taco, royal jelly taco, tofu taco -
Hippy Food hippy herbal tea
Popsicles lemon popsicle, liver popsicle, orange popsicle, strawberry popsicle
Crimbo jams space jam toast, toe jam toast, traffic jam toast
Crimboween Quest Food plate of franks and beans
N/A large cocoa eggshell fragment
Amazing Ideas chaos popcorn, popcorn
Zombie Slayer decent brain
Burritos bean burrito, jumping bean burrito - 5.5 3 1.83
N/A spicy mushroom quesadilla, tofu casserole, ballroom blintz
Confectionaries carob brownies, carob chunk cookies, herb brownies, piece of wedding cake, white chocolate chip cookies - 3.5 2 1.75
Hungry-Guy Tacos catgut taco, goat cheese taco, pr0n taco
Kabobs bat wing kabob, ghuol-ear kabob, Knob shroomkabob, Knoll shroomkabob, spooky shroomkabob, rat appendix kabob, skewered cat appendix
N/A abominable snowcone, Ent cider, pr0n cocktail
Mushroom Food cream of pointy mushroom soup
Grove Grub White Citadel fries
Evil Food Brimstone Chicken Sandwich, Double Bacon Beelzeburger, Lord of the Flies-sized fries - 5 3 1.67
Haunted Kitchen Food ancient frozen dinner - 6 4 1.5
stale baguette 4.5 3
Crimbo Cuisine CRIMBCOLOAF, fruitcake, nanite-infested fruitcake
Crimboween Cuisine ancient unspeakable fruitcake, twigs and gravel
N/A ghuol guolash, purple pixel pie, questionable taco
Pizza plain pizza - 3 2
Grove Grub White Citadel burger (see note)
Haunted Kitchen Food dire fudgesicle
Sea food sea persimmon 3 1.5 1
sea blueberry, sea broccoli, sea cauliflower 2
Haunted Kitchen Food antique packet of ketchup -
N/A t8r tots
Chez Snootée Bouillabaise Coucher Avec Moi - 7 5 1.4
N/A Better Than Cuddling Cake, fricasseed brains, delicious salad - 4 3 1.33
Chez Snootée As Jus Gezund Heit - 5 4 1.25
Canadian Delicacies balaclava baklava, poutine 2.5 2
Second Generation Mushrooms cool mushroom, pointy mushroom, warm mushroom
First Generation Mushrooms Knob mushroom, Knoll mushroom, spooky mushroom
Valley Goodness Spam Witch sammich, Trollhouse cookies
Pizza Toppings goat cheese, Knob sausage
Palindome Drop stunt nuts
Chez Snootée Peche a la Frog - 3.5 3 1.17
Halloween Treat dwarf bread
Gift Shop Cakes three-tiered wedding cake - 36.5 35 1.04
Nethack Munchies mind flayer corpse - 5 5 1.0
St. Sneaky Pete's Day Stupor adventure banana-frosted king cake, vanilla-frosted king cake 3 3
The Haiku Dungeon Bash-Os cereal
Gift Shop Cakes angel-food cake, birthday party jellybean cheesecake, blue velvet cake, congratulatory cake, devil's-food cake, Happy Birthday, Claude! cake, personalized birthday cake, Valentine's Day cake
babycakes, urinal cake 2 2
Outskirts of Cobb's Knob Drop bowl of cottage cheese
Organic Produce Stand Frat Foods bowl of rye sprouts, cob of corn, juniper berries 2 1 1
N/A packet of beer nuts
Gift Shop Cakes mugcake -
Rabbit Hole Foods dragon snaps, powdered donut, Tiger-lily's milk
Basic Fruits cranberries, grapefruit, grapes, lemon, olive, orange, strawberry, tomato
Rarer Fruits gr8ps, papaya
Hermit Items catsup, ketchup, hot buttered roll
N/A banana, carob chunks, cocoa eggshell fragment, cursed black pearl onion, fortune cookie, ghuol egg, glass of goat's milk, hot wing, Lucky Surprise Egg, maple syrup, royal jelly, Spooky Surprise Egg, stalk of asparagus, toast, uncooked chorizo, white chocolate chips, white rice
Lucky Food bowl of lucky charms
Zombie Slayer crappy brain
s'mores s'more (1st time; see notes)
Hobo Sewer food unfortunate dumplings, C.H.U.M. chum - 0 3 0


  • Drunki-Bear also gives 4 drunkenness but can still be consumed when falling-down drunk.
  • White Citadel burger changes depending on how many you've eaten, and can vary from 2.5 to 5 average adventures, 1.25 - 2.5 efficiency.
  • Each elven limbos gingerbread eaten increases the adventure gains for the next one by 1, up to 5, resulting in 2.17 to 3.5 efficiency.
  • Eating sushi gives the fishy effect which prevents the loss of extra adventures while adventuring underwater.
  • Each s'more eaten provides an increased number of adventures but also takes up more fullness. Efficiency increases to 7.67 for the 15th, 9.5 for the 20th, etc.
  • Potion of the field gar does not enhance lasagna eaten on Monday (midnight to midnight, KoL server time).
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