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Aftercore refers to the time between breaking King Ralph's prism and entering the Astral Gash. In the past few years, content has been added specifically aimed for players who choose to level up after breaking the prism. This guide describes those areas and how they affect ascension in general. For strategy in preparing for and adventuring in those areas, link to those specific areas.

Fernswarthy's Basement

What is it?: Fernswarthy's Basement can be found in The Ruins of Fernswarthy's Tower after encountering the adventure Into the Maw of Deepness. Each adventure takes you one level lower in the basement. On each level, you may encounter a test of your stats, HP, MP, or elemental resistance; battle a monster of increasing difficulty; or receive a stat bonus or special reward.

Ascension-Relevance: At level 500, players receive the Discount Telescope Warehouse gift certificate. Using this installs or upgrades a telescope in your campground. This telescope can, once per day, give the Starry-Eyed effect. More importantly, using the telescope will also reveal what items will be needed for the Naughty Sorceress's Tower, thus lowering the need for backfarming late in a run.

Best For: Level 23 and up. Early levels are easy to pass even for low-level characters, but challenges become extremely difficult even before level 100.

The Slime Tube

What is it?: A Clan dungeon where you fights varied tiers of slimes. Speed in the Slime Tube is based on +ML.

Ascension-Relevance: Some of the Mother Slime rewards can impart skills that, once made permanent, will provide a passive boost to HP, MP, or Combat Initiative. Beyond that, items gained (including rewards) will be more of interest to players concerned about their Collector's Score.

Best For: Level 13 and up. Slimes start off at level 100, comparable to monsters above the Beanstalk. A Sombrero-type familiar and massive +ML can help raise stats quickly.


What is it?: A Clan dungeon. You'll have to navigate A Maze of Sewer Tunnels first, and Hobopolis itself is enormous.

Ascension-Relevance: Most of the items and skills available in this area are of limited use in an ascension run. Players concerned about their Collector's Score will be greatly interested in this area: there are 6 separate outfits, a familiar, and a difficult-to-obtain tattoo available.

Best For: Level 17 and above. Monsters in the Maze of Sewer Tunnels are 250 ML and above. Muscle classes and Moxie classes will reach 250 in their main stat just below level 17; Mysticality classes will likely need to be a higher level. Hobos themselves will be much tougher, and require an even higher level.

El Vibrato Island

What is it?: A portal in your campground accessible by using an El Vibrato power sphere. The portal contains constructs which drop punchcards that can be used on the constructs to create items.

Ascension-Relevance: Little. The outfit available in this zone has powerful enchantments when used with punchcards, and several of the usable drones have powerful buffs available to high-level characters, but little in this zone can be used in a standard run.

Best For: Level 19 and above. With a minimum ML of 300, monsters in this zone will be difficult for any character below level 19.

The Sea and The Sea Floor

What is it?: A series of zones located underwater. Adventuring here requires a way to breathe underwater, and adventures will be penalized the farther down they go. Becomes available once you have created the makeshift SCUBA gear.

Ascension-Relevance: Tempura vegetables can offer excellent adventure and stat gains with just one fullness, but must be pulled to be used during an ascension, and are unavailable in Hardcore until Aftercore. Deep Saucery potions offer amazingly powerful benefits once per day, and also must be pulled to be used.

Best For: Level 19 and above. With a minimum ML of 300, monsters in this zone will be difficult for any character below level 19.

Level 30 Trophies

What is it?: Six trophies, one for each class, available to anyone who achieves level 30.

Ascension-Relevance: None. The trophies do increase one's collector score however.

Best For: Anyone under level 30


What is it?: Repeatedly adventuring in a specific location either with the purposes of gaining as much meat as possible or as many of a specific item as possible. For guides on farming, refer to Basic Farming and Advanced Farming.

Ascension-Relevance: Depends on what you do with the meat and/or items

Best For: Anyone in Aftercore

Preparing for Aftercore

A lot of preparation will depend on which zone you will be adventuring in. Some things will be more helpful in a run with a long Aftercore: