Zu Mannkäse Dienen

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Zu Mannkäse Dienen
Zu Mannkäse Dienen

It's a cookbook... A cookbook! You think. It's hard to tell what with it being written all in foreign crazy talk.

(Meat Pasting component)
Type: usable
Grants Skill: Käsesoßesturm
Cannot be discarded

Only Saucerors may use this item.

(In-game plural: copies of Zu Mannkäse Dienen)
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Item number: 4409
Description ID: 398556198
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
The Traveling Trader (100 twinkly wads)

When Used

  • First time:
You read the book. Most of it is incomprehensible gibberish, but you manage to pick up some new recipes...

You acquire a skill: Cheesestorm.gif Käsesoßesturm

Book4.gifYou acquire an item: Zu Mannkäse Dienen (used)
  • Subsequent times:
You're not going to figure out any more of that book no matter how many times you read it.



  • Available on January 7th, 2010.
  • The description says it can only be used by Saucerors, however upon its initial release it was usable by other classes as well.


  • "Zu Mannkäse Dienen" is German, but does not make much sense, if any. Possibly the English name is supposed to be "To serve man-cheese", where the word "to serve" has a double meaning. This gets lost unfortunately when translating to German, since there are two different words which correspond to "to serve" ("dienen" und "servieren"). Translation from German is also inaccurate in that the German word "dienen" is the infinitive, and therefore already includes the preposition "to" by definition. Therefore "Mannkäse Dienen" would have been a more accurate translation, even though it still does not contain the double meaning present in the English, as mentioned above.
  • A translation of "To serve man-cheese", which still had some ambiguity in it, could be "Wie man Menschen Käse serviert", because it could mean both "how to serve cheese to man" and "... of man".
  • "Man cheese" is a colloquial term for smegma.
  • The title, if translated as 'To serve man-cheese', is a reference to the Damon Knight short story To Serve Man or to the Twilight Zone episode based on it, the final line of which is "A cookbook! It's a cookbook!" Also being written all in foreign crazy talk might refer to it being written in an alien language in the episode.


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