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Zombie Slayer is the Fall 2012 special challenge path, introduced on August 14, 2012. This path adds variant rules and restrictions to an ascension run. Its description in The Bureau of Reincarnation reads, "The dead are rising! Okay, it's been known to happen from time to time -- zombies aren't exactly rare in the Kingdom -- but this time it's serious! Take up arms to fight the undead hordes, before the entire Kingdom falls to a zombie apocalypse!"

In practice, that's not quite what happens. You become a Zombie Master, a new class with a unique resource mechanic but no access to permed skills. You're stalked by wandering zombie hunters, your diet is highly restricted, and only undead familiars are allowed.


  • Skills
    • No access to any non-zombie skills that you may have permed, including books on Your Mystical Bookshelf.
    • No class can be picked during reincarnation. Instead your class will be Zombie Master, which has its own distinct skill set. Your main stat is Muscle.
    • Skills are gained by killing wandering Zombie Hunters, eating their brains, and then visiting the open grave in your campsite.
    • You do not have MP. Skills use up members of your zombie horde, which you replenish by using your Infectious Bite and Recruit Zombie skills (among others).
  • Familiars
    • Only undead (or undead-ish) familiars are available; the rest are temporarily deceased.
      • Trying to switch to any other familiar (such as by using the /fam chat command) yields the message "That familiar seems to be dead."
    • This restriction (and error message) also applies when using the Crown of Thrones.


  • You begin the run with Barney's rake. Your bear arms are also auto-pulled, if you own them.
  • Most monsters will drop delicious brains based on their Monster Level, after +ML effects. The monsters that can and cannot drop brains seem to be identical to those who can/cannot be turned by Infectious Bite. The monsters that can drop brains will do so as follows:
    • 0-50 ML: crappy brain (30% drop)
    • 51-99 ML: decent brain (30% drop)
    • 100+ ML: good brain (30% drop)
    • Quest Bosses: boss brain (100% drop)
    • Zombie Hunters: hunter brain (100% drop)
      • One exception to the above pattern is Ed the Undying who does not drop any brains despite being both undead and infectable. A possible explanation is that part of the traditional mummification process was removing the brain via a hook through the nose. Alternatively, since Ed is technically repeatable if one loses to a later incarnation, this may simply be intended to prevent farming boss brains.
  • Resting at your campsite gives this additional message:
    Unsurprisingly, you sleep like the dead.
  • If you are poisoned during a fight, the effect will be removed at the end of combat with the following message:
    You retch and spray some additional green fluid around the area.
  • Trying to use a permed skill to which you do not have access, using chat commands, yields the following message:
  • Trying to eat from the Hot Dog Stand yields the message:
    You're really, really hungry, but that isn't what you're hungry for.
  • The first choice in the noncombat in The Defiled Nook gives a talkative skull instead of moxie stats the first time you choose it.
  • The Hermit is not around, but you can get one free ten-leaf clover each day from visiting. Likewise, the hermit script does not increase the number of clovers available in-run.
  • You don't receive any quest item when looking with the Lord Spookyraven's spectacles in The Haunted Bedroom.
  • You don't need a wand of Nagamar to defeat the Naughty Sorceress's third form. You'll have to do some more fighting, though.
  • Upon freeing King Ralph you must choose a class. If you choose a Moxie-based or a Mysticality-based class, muscle will switch with your new class's main stat.
  • Consuming a bottle of used blood does not give any stats.
  • You cannot enter The Sea (the Old Man doesn't appear).


The Zombie Master is the class associated with the Zombie Slayer special challenge path.

Female Male


your zombie horde

You do not have MP of any kind. Skills instead use zombies from your horde.

You begin with one zombie in your horde, and can gain more by:


You begin with two skills:

You can gain additional skills while contemplating in An Open Grave at Your Campsite. You may learn from three trees: Hunger of the Zombie, Anger of the Zombie, or Master of the Zombie. Each skill you learn costs one zombie point, regardless of rank.

You cannot skip ranks within a skill tree. In order to learn a 3rd-rank skill, you must first learn the 1st-rank and 2nd-rank skills from that same tree.

You begin with one zombie point on your first Zombie Slayer run. You get bonus zombie points for past Zombie Slayer runs (1 point for Normal, 2 points for Hardcore). You gain an additional zombie point for each hunter brain eaten.

Rank Hunger of the Zombie Anger of the Zombie Master of the Zombie
Name Type Effect Name Type Effect Name Type Effect
1 Turkeyleg.gif
Bite Minion
1 Zombie
Restore 10% of max HP Eyesleft.gif
Distracting Minion
1 Zombie
Sacrifice a zombie for a regular attack that always hits Littleman.gif
Summon Minion
Noncombat Lets you summon zombies for 100 Meat each
2 Birdbrain.gif
Lure Minions
Noncombat Lets you trade brains for zombies 3clawsbig.gif
Plague Claws
Combat Weakens your opponent and increase the strength of his or her Infection Cdish.gif
Zombie Chow
1 Zombie
Chow Downed
+5 Familiar Weight
(10 Adventures)
3 Zombiegreed.gif
Undying Greed
Passive +25% Meat from Monsters Bonepile.gif
Flesh Mob
3 Zombies
Unleash your horde to damage your foes Sack1.gif
Smash & Graaagh
2 Zombies
Attempt to steal an item from your opponent
4 Fast.gif
Hunter's Sprint
Passive +100% Combat Initiative Elesphere.gif
Elemental Obliviousness
Passive So-So Resistance to All Elements Trashcan2.gif
2 Zombies
Scavengers Scavenging
+20% Items from Monsters
(10 Adventures)
5 Stomach.gif
Insatiable Hunger
Passive +5 Stomach Capacity Strboost.gif
Vigor Mortis
Passive Muscle +30% Meat.gif
Meat Shields
1 Zombie
Hide behind your zombies, making you harder to attack
6 Gnashteeth.gif
Devour Minions
4 Zombies
Restore 50% of max HP

Upgrades Bite Minion to cure negative effects

Passive +10% chance of Critical Hit

Critical Hits Improve Infectious Bite

Summon Horde
Noncombat Lets you summon 11-14 zombies for 1,000 Meat

Upgrades Summon Minion to increase combat chance

7 Wallshield.gif
Passive Regenerate 16-20 HP per Adventure Light.gif
Bilious Burst
5 Zombies
Explode some zombies, dealing Spooky and Stench damage Dotdotdot.gif
His Master's Voice
Passive +5 to Familiar Weight
8 Brokeskull.gif
Passive +100% Brain Drops from Monsters

Critical hits occasionally stun opponents

Unyielding Flesh
Passive Damage Absorption +100

Damage Reduction: 5

3 Zombies
Zomg WTF (Monster Level +30) (10 Adventures)
9 Realbrain.gif
Passive +1 Adventure per Brain Eaten Corpsepile.gif
Corpse Pile
3 Zombies
Pile zombies on your foe, preventing him/her/it from moving for a while, and dealing damage Louder.gif
Disquiet Riot
5 Zombies
Disquiet Riot (Decreases Combat Frequency) (10 Adventures)
10 Gashes.gif
Ravenous Pounce
2 Zombies
An attack that deals more damage the hungrier you are and always hits

+5 Stomach Capacity

Howl of the Alpha
9 Zombies
Scare your enemy away for a while

Deals major damage to unscarable enemies

Zombie Maestro
9 Zombies
Order your horde to attack an enemy en masse

Also reduces the Cost of Zombie Skills by 1

Council Text

See The Council of Loathing/Zombie Slayer.


See Zombie Slayer/Strategy for tips & strategies.



  • Prior to the NS Lair revamp on January 1, 2015, the lair had a few divergences for this path:
    • You did not need a star starfish familiar to use Richard's star key in the lair. You still needed the hat and weapon and any familiar equipped.
    • You needed at least 10 zombies in your Horde to defeat the Naughty Sorceress's familiars.
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