Your Cupcake Senses Are Tingling

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Your Cupcake Senses Are Tingling

Your Cupcake Senses Are Tingling

How strange -- the cupcake you ate has somehow granted you a heretofore unknown sixth sense, which alerts you to the proximity of meat. Since you yourself and everyone you know are made of meat, it's pretty much constantly going off, but it's still kind of handy.

+30% Meat from Monsters

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  • The name of the acquired effect is a variation on the saying "My spider sense is tingling", which is of course said by Spider-Man whenever his trademark spider sense tingles (i.e. alerting him to oncoming danger).

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Cupcake Effects
blue +30% Item Drops from Monsters
green +10 Monster Level
orange +3 Stats per Fight
pink +30% Meat from Monsters
purple +20 HP & +20 MP per Fight