You're the Fudge Wizard Now, Dog

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You're the Fudge Wizard Now, Dog
You're the Fudge Wizard Now, Dog

You have <x> fudgecules to control.

What's it gonna be, then?

Make a Fudgie Roll (100 fudgecules)

You wiggle the wand at a pile of fudgecules, and coax a hundred of them into a tube shape.

Fudgieroll.gifYou acquire an item: Fudgie Roll
Make a fudge spork (200 fudgecules)

You wave the wand in a spork shape, and a bunch of fudgecules obey your command.

Fudgespork.gifYou acquire an item: fudge spork
Make a fudge cube (343 fudgecules)

You twiddle the wand until you've assembled a perfect fudge cube, 7 fudgecules on a side.

Fudgecube.gifYou acquire an item: fudge cube
Make a Fudge Bunny (1000 fudgecules)

You waggle the wand until a big pile of fudgecules have assembled themselves into the shape of a bunny.

Fudgebunny.gifYou acquire an item: fudge bunny
Make a fudgecycle (2500 fudgecules)

You roll up your sleeves and get to work -- your work, in this case, being the assembly of a unicycle made out of fudge.

Fudgecycle.gifYou acquire an item: fudgecycle
Stop controlling fudge

You're done fudging around for now.


You've got no fudgecules, so you can't control any fudge right now.
  • If you have only one fudgecule, the first line is replaced with:
You have a single lonely fudgecule. You get the sense that no matter how much control you exert over it, it's not gonna yield anything interesting.


  • The non-combat adventure title is a reference to Sean Connery's line, "You're the man now, dog", from the movie Finding Forrester.
  • "What's it gonna be, then?" refers to a line which appears repeatedly in A Clockwork Orange.