Working the Crowd

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SC text, performers to hobo kills/nickels, what causes different moshing results?

Working the Crowd
Working the Crowd

Survey the situation

You look around the tent.

You see your clanmate <name> on the stage, vigorously beating a sealskin drum.
<name> is moving slowly from one end of the stage to the other, playing a washboard.
Your clanmate <name> sits atop a stool on the stage, plinking away at a spaghetti-box banjo.
<name> is on stage, huffing and puffing on a marinara jug.
Your clanmate <name> is dancing around on stage playing a pair of castanets.
<name> stands near the front of the stage, toodling out a melody on a melodica.
  • No performers:
The dusty tent is entirely hobo-free.
  • One performer:
A couple of mostly disinterested hobos are milling around the tent, barely paying attention to the stage.
  • Two performers:
A handful of hobos are watching the show, or at least watching some sort of hallucination that's in the same direction as the show.
  • Three performers:
A decent-sized group of hobos is gathered to watch the performance.
  • Four performers:
A fair-sized crowd of hobos is gathered around the stage.
  • Five performers:
A sizable crowd of raucous hobos watches the performance, hooting and hollering at moments they deem appropriate.
  • Six performers:
A throng of hobos gleefully looks on, dancing, singing along (even though your performance doesn't have any words) and drunkenly carousing.

Try to start a mosh pit

With one player performing:

You push one of the hobos into the other hobo, and before you know it, you've got a full-fledged bumfight going. They fight their way back out into the street and knock each other silly.

With multiple players performing:

You leap into the crowd of hobos and start indiscriminately throwing fists. Already wound up by the performance, the crowd gets into a massive fight that doesn't end until every single hobo is unconscious in the street outside.
You leap into the middle of the group of hobos and start pushing them around. The resultant brawl leaves them all unconscious and the tent empty.

With six players performing:

You leap onto the stage, then onto the top of the crowd. As you crowdsurf from the front of the tent to the back, you surreptitiously punch every hobo in range of your arms. The resultant fracas leaves no hobos standing.


You enthusiastically create a one-Adventurer mosh pit in the middle of the empty tent. It's full of sound and fury, but unfortunately, it signifies nothing.

Busk like you've never busked before
  • With players performing:
You pass a hat around the crowd of hobos, and manage to get X nickels out of 'em!
Nickel.gifYou acquire X hobo nickels
  • Otherwise:
You pass a hat, but since you're the only one in the tent, you just pass it from your right hand to your left. It's comparatively ineffective. Compared to... anything, really.

Duck out

You duck back out the flap, like a duck flapping away.

Occurs in Hobopolis Town Square during Attention -- A Tent!.


  • More hobos present results in either more hobos killed, or more nickels collected. Choosing either clears out the tent.
  • Clearing out the tent will change the Town Square image back to a closed tent, and Attention -- A Tent! will not occur again until the Town Square image changes again, reopening the tent.
  • Leaving the tent does not cost an adventure.


  • The one-Adventurer mosh pit references Shakespeare's Macbeth, particularly the title character's speech: "it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."