Wad of Crovacite

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wad of Crovacite
wad of Crovacite

This eerie wad is composed of the ultra-rare Crovacite, an extremely dense substance formed from the pulverized arms and armor of fallen Pork Elf warriors. Its mysterious aura made it invaluable as a component in the Pork Elves' rituals and magical experiments, as well as for making a delectably zesty dip for their cocktail parties.

Alas, the secret of its formula was lost when the Pork Elves vanished from the Kingdom; this is the only remaining chunk known to exist.

Type: off-hand item
Cannot be traded or discarded

All Attributes +5
+5 Spooky Damage

(In-game plural: wads of Crovacities)
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Item number: 1654
Description ID: 958056739
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Obtained From

Custom Item
Given to Crovax1234 for being the first to pulverize an ultra-rare


  • He also pulverized many other rare and one-time items, such as demonskin trousers and a Unionize The Elves sign.
  • Crovax pulverized his wad of Crovacite at KoL Con 3-D. It smashes into another wad of Crovacite.

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