Volcanometeor Showeruption

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Volcanometeor Showeruption

Volcanometeor Showeruption

Type: Combat Spell
MP Cost: N/A

This skill lets you conjure a shower of erupting volcanometeors out of a handful of volcanic ash.

Source: Using an unearthed volcanic meteoroid
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Does a large amount of hot damage, provided you have volcanic ash.
When Used:
You toss a handful of volcanic ash into the air, and there is a roar as it coalesces into a cluster of volcanometeors. One of them hits your opponent for X damage.

The heat in the air is palpable as a second one hits him, dealing an additional X damage.

There is a whoosh and a sizzle as yet another one crashes into him, dealing X more damage.

That spell doesn't work without volcanic ash.


  • Casting this spell requires a volcanic ash, which is consumed by the spell.
  • The effect of this spell is equivalent to the most powerful form of Awesome Balls of Fire.
  • Each component of the spell damage is equivalent to a Saucegeyser blast.

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