Using the Force

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Using the Force
Using the Force

You let the force flow through you and into the mind of you opponent before telling them....

"I am not the adventurer you are looking for."

Your opponent wanders off looking befuddled.

"You will go find two friends and meet me here."

Your opponent dutifully heads out to find some friends... and quickly returns looking rather upset.

"You will drop your things and walk away."

Your opponent quietly puts down all their stuff and walks away.

SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]

Occurs after using Use the Force, %playername!


  • Does not use an adventure. The combat ends immediately, as in a rollover runaway, so for example Meteor Showered or Turbo do not disappear as they normally would, no stats are gained, and no delay is burned.
  • The first choice banishes the monster for 30 turns.
  • The second choice causes the current monster to occur the next three adventures in a zone where the monster could normally occur, and doesn't add those adventures to the queue.
    • This only works against monsters that occur in the combat queue naturally, and do not have a special condition to be encountered. For example, this will not help with the modern zmobie or ninja snowman assassin.
  • The third choice drops all non-conditional items the monster could drop, even if you've already pickpocketed one of them.
    • The third choice will be grayed-out and unusable in some locations, or when the target cannot drop any non-conditional item, forcing you to use one of the other two options.
    • Items that only have the "no pickpocket" condition, such as most items from the Sea, WILL drop.