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Sealclubber.gif xoutkastx3 (#772086) Asc12.gif

xoutkastx3 joined Kingdom of Loathing on January 22, 2006.

For the first year or so, he tootled about without having any clear sense of what he was doing. After his first ascension he found a purpose: repeatedly doing the same thing, with slight variations. Shortly thereafter he decided to perm every skill possible. He prefers softcore runs, currently, but intends to perm the skills in hardcore as well. xoutkastx3 first joined the clan Crimbo Grotto in 2007, and has been an active member since (discounting two incredibly long vacations).

He's been friends with notorious player xSmootx since they first met on the elementary school bus, though he disagrees with him on numerous aspects of the game, life, and flightless birds.

Fun Facts

  • xoutkastx3's Ascension Record #1 was lost in the Great Time Catastrophe, despite his account being created three months after White Wednesday. For this reason, his ascension record starts at 0.
  • xoutkastx3 is fine with any shortening of his name in chat ("3" is a bit much).
  • "3" collects toilet paper, then spends January 5th of every year redistributing it throughout the kingdom.