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MY KoL character name is MagonKody (#1949944).

Mistyped my Kol Wiki user name. :-/ What a klutz. :-D Spelling [and editing] is not my strong suite.

started June 8 2009.

Level 30 pastmancer today December 6 2009, Turns Played: 27262 Days Played: 181

The Bad Moon black cat run was done by Pinapple of Dispair (#1621833) who donated that service to the KoLumbus V auction. Thank you.

 run type                 class  skill             ns13 level  ascend at level  other notes
noobcore                P >> Pastamastery                  19  30             Summon Sugar Sheets (HP) 
noclover     BM lead in DB >> Mad Looting Skillz           13
Kittycore BM            DB >> Advanced Cocktailcrafting    14 
          BM            AT >> The Ode to Booze             13
          BM            SC >> Pulverize                    13                 karma differed
this run  BM            TT >>    goal is Amphibian Sympathy

closer to up to date status and