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Adventure Treat Notes
The Apathetic Lizardman Mr. Mediocrebar Not Halloween XI
The Market Demon 2-4 Meat Not Halloweens XI, XII
Susie, the Arena Mistress 3 Yummy Tummy beans Not Halloween XI
A Suspicious-Looking Guy Rock Pops Not Halloween XI
The Armorer/Leggerer Daffy Taffy Since Halloween XI
Linnea, the Scream Queen Spooky Surprise Egg Since Halloween XVI

Adventure Treat
Bradley, the Pencil-Pushing Elf candy cane
gingerbread bugbear
Dopey, the Reindeer
Grumpy, the Reindeer
Happy, the Reindeer
Limbergh, the Middle-Management Elf
Rudolph the Red, the Reindeer
Rufus, the Gift-wrapping Elf

Effect Adventure Treat

Num Outfit Adventure Treat Notes
15 8-Bit Finery The Old Man pixellated candy heart
89 Animelf Apparel Mostly Styrofoam Chiropractor, the Animelf blind-packed capsule toy
29 Antique Arms And Armor Gaspar, the Senile Ghost Bit O' Ectoplasm
25 Arboreal Raiment Doc, the Reindeer sugar-coated pine cone
48 Arrrbor Day Apparrrrrel Arrrlando, the Sappy Pirate Everlasting Deckswabber
81 Bits o' Honey Babblin' Bobby Babbage, Bard honey stick
35 Black Armaments Gina, the Lady-in-Waiting Blackfly Chardonnay, black forest cake, black forest ham, black pepper, black pudding, or black & tan
75 Blasphemous Bedizenment Baconus, the BL Imp Pain Dip
34 Bounty-Hunting Rig Princess Layla chocolate filthy lucre
19 Bow Tux Ethelfred Hornpipe, the Crimbo Elf candy cane
70 BRICKOfig Outfit Bob the Bricklayer BRICKO brick
1 Bugbear Costume Gr'zl'x, The Bugbear cog, sprocket, and spring
23 Cloaca-Cola Uniform Jackson, the 106-year-old Dyspepsi-Cola Veteran Dyspepsi grenade Halloweens XVII-XXIII: Cloaca grenade
20 Clockwork Apparatus Three-One-Bee, the Gnomish Automaton Sugar Cog
94 Clothing of Loathing A Hole in Space-Time Shaped Like Your Mother fudge-shaped hole in space-time
80 Cold Comforts Chet Chesterton, Showering Frat Boy double-ice gum Only with a Russian Ice, else gain 1 Drunkenness.
59 Crappy Mer-kin Disguise MikeDavey, the Mer-kin-kin Mer-kin rocksalt
11 Crimbo Duds Joe, the Records Guy fruitcake
40 Crimborg Assault Armor Hugh, the former Crimborg nanite-infested candy cane
39 Cursed Zombie Pirate Costume Cap'n Sargasso, the Cursed Pirate piece of after eight
83 Dark Bro's Vestments Todd Skullweaver, the Necbro Cultist Necbro wafers
45 Dire Drifter Duds Spooky-Night Spooky Day, the Zomborian strawberry-flavored Hob-O
96 Dreadful Bugbear Suit One-Legged Gustavson, the Bugbear Hunter Bugbearclaw Donut
99 Dreadful Ghost Suit Manny Pak, the Ghost Eater 8-bit banana
95 Dreadful Pajamas Oscar Meyers, the (out of) Shape Tallowcreme Halloween Pumpkin
101 Dreadful Skeleton Suit Beau Nerjam, the Skeleton Comedian bone bons
100 Dreadful Vampire Suit Dolores, the Addled Vampire vial of blood simple syrup
97 Dreadful Werewolf Suit Grandma Hood, the Kindly Grandmother little red jam
98 Dreadful Zombie Suit Snyder, the Zombie Expert Whenchamacallit bar
50 Dwarvish War Uniform Old Granny Stronginthearm dwarf bread
24 Dyspepsi-Cola Uniform McDonald, the 105-year-old Cloaca-Cola Veteran Cloaca grenade Halloweens XVII-XXIII: Dyspepsi grenade
41 El Vibrato Relics Aaaaaaaiiiieeeeeeee abandoned candy
27 Encephalic Ensemble Torgie, the Zmobie candy brain
7 eXtreme Cold-Weather Gear Gn8than, the sk8 Gnome 2 Wint-O-Fresh mints
72 Fancy Tux Guido, the Totally Legitimate Businessman chocolate-covered caviar
2 Filthy Hippy Disguise Moonblossom the Filthy Hippy herb brownies
56 Floaty Fatigues When Worlds Collide 3 packets of Rock Pops
3 Frat Boy Ensemble Troy, the Orcish Frat Boy bottle of booze (gin, rum, vodka, or whiskey only)
33 Frat Warrior Fatigues Chad, the Veteran Frat Boy 3 shots of schnapps (grapefruit, orange, or tomato)
63 Frigid Northlands Garb Norman Ook, of the North Northern pemmican
14 Furry Suit Yiff, the Furry Tasty Fun Good rice candy
28 Glad Bag Glad Rags Linnell, the Booze Giant alphabet gum
21 Gnauga Hides Gnestor, the Gnomish Gnomad Gummi-Gnauga
26 Grass Guise Jacques, the Knob Goblin Master Chef foie gras
53 Grimy Reaper's Vestments Fructose, the Dark Prophet‎‎ children of the candy corn
93 Hateful Habiliment Candace K. Shope, the Candy Shoppe Shopkeep worst candy
47 Hodgman's Regal Frippery Stewart, the Sheepish Jester roll of Hob-Os
6 Hot and Cold Running Ninja Suit Gaiden, the Hot and Cold Running Ninja Cold Hots candy
86 Hot Daub Ensemble Servant of Lord Flameface daub-breaker
43 Hyperborean Hobo Habiliments Yum-Yum Sinclair Snowballeater, the Frostyterian Frostbite-flavored Hob-O
71 Knight's Armor The White Knight pawn cookie
5 Knob Goblin Elite Guard Uniform Gronk, the Knob Goblin Elite Guardsman Knob Goblin steroids
4 Knob Goblin Harem Girl Disguise Obesetima, the Knob Goblin Harem Girl Knob Goblin love potion
65 Legendary Regalia of the Chelonian Overlord Attenborough, Retired Turtle Tamer chocolate turtle totem
68 Legendary Regalia of the Groovelord Loxley, Retired Disco Bandit chocolate disco ball
69 Legendary Regalia of the Master Squeezeboxer Raffles, Retired Accordion Thief chocolate stolen accordion
66 Legendary Regalia of the Pasta Master Ettore, Retired Pastamancer chocolate pasta spoon
67 Legendary Regalia of the Saucemaestro Tapatío, Retired Sauceror chocolate saucepan
64 Legendary Regalia of the Seal Crusher Hrothgar, Retired Seal Clubber chocolate seal-clubbing club
82 Luniform Steverond Brucedriel, the Mutated Alien Elf Comet Drop
60 Mer-kin Gladiatorial Gear PeterMike, the Mer-kin Cosplayer Mer-kin saltmint
61 Mer-kin Scholar's Vestments MickeyDavey, the Mer-kin Cosplayer Mer-kin saltsquid
8 Mining Gear Bildor, the 7-Foot Dwarf dwarf bread
49 Mutant Couture Dr. Enstein, the Crazy Scientist Gummi-DNA
88 Oil Rig Ol' Jed, the Oil Tycoon crude crudités
17 OK Lumberjack Outfit John Lumberto, the lumberjack maple syrup
36 Palmist Paraphernalia Hugo, the Weaver bit-o-cactus or honey-dipped locust
79 Paperclippery Myrna Frampstein, Receptionist elderly jawbreaker
87 Pinata Provisions Pedro the Piñata pile of candy
52 Pork Elf Prizes Shalandria Gammon, née Rhonda Norton‎ Elvish delight
55 Primitive Radio Duds N/A Nothing This outfit intentionally does not have a Halloween yield.
42 Pyretic Panhandler Paraphernalia Tarnose Cohan, the Scratchanist sterno-flavored Hob-O
18 Radio Free Regalia N/A Nothing This outfit intentionally does not have a Halloween yield.
91 Raiments of the Final Boss Ludwig the Cool, Adventurer Boss Drops
38 Roy Orbison Disguise Ulrich Haarbürste fruitfilm
90 Seafaring Suit Wayde Heming, the Old Man candy crayons
54 Slimesuit Claude "Drippy" O'Hanrahan, Slug Farmer Good 'n' Slimy
76 Smoked Pottery Too Hot to Hand Candy volcanic ash
62 Snowman Suit Frosty the Snow Golem snowball
12 Star Garb Carnus Majorus, the Ancient Astronomer Senior Mints
84 Sucker Samurai Suit Hatori Hotzo, the Flaming Samurai Atomic Pop
9 Swashbuckling Getup Morgan, the Pirate Captain bottle of rum
37 Tapered Threads Lucy McMillicanCuddy, the Farmer's Wife Angry Farmer's Wife Candy
46 Tawdry Tramp Togs Admiral Crotch Rickets, the Chesteran fry-oil-flavored Hob-O
10 Terrifying Clown Suit Clown Outfit Halloween Adventure brick
30 Terrycloth Tackle The Gift Shop Guy toothbrush
77 Thousandth Birthday Suit A Big Scary Skeleton candy skeleton
22 Time Trappings Nothing. Nothing at all. Now and Earlier
73 Transparent Trappings Judith Plexi, Inventor PlexiPips
31 Tropical Crimbo Duds Linnea, the Scream Queen orange and black Crimboween candy
74 Unblemished Uniform Anthony Raving, Billionaire Entrepreneur Wax Flask
78 Uncle Hobo's Rags Frankdriel "Sweet Teeth" Canecandier, the Hobelf holly-flavored Hob-O
58 Vestments of the Treeslayer Forestgoatee, the Hipster Ent ribbon candy L'rose, the Adventurer: Ax of L'rose (one-time)
44 Vile Vagrant Vestments Crispy Whiskery, the Oscusist garbage-juice-flavored Hob-O
92 Violent Vestments W.H. Burr, the Sizzle-Grinder violent pastilles
32 War Hippy Fatigues Hobbie Affman, the Hippy Warrior Steal This Candy
85 Wax Wardrobe Symin Bloodsbane, the Artistic Goth Kid Drizzlers™ Black Licorice
51 Wumpus-Hair Wardrobe Gimli Patterson, Cryptozoologist‎ dubious peppermint and lint
16 Yendorian Finery Bojolali, the Shopkeeper candied kobold