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Inside the Kingdom

Tasty (#125766). My main focus in the Kingdom is no-path Hardcore runs; pre-NS13 I was the 25th best at that, with a run that put me at #12 at the time and killed my obsession. I also collect Now and Earliers. I'm bored by collections of items that you can get as many of as you'd like at the mall because you can obtain them whenever you want; these are tricky to get a bunch of.

For about a week, I was the only player in the kingdom showing 3 anniversary chutney sculptures in their display case as I was the luckiest exploiter of the bug in the anniversary gift box. Then Jick nerfed them to fix the bug. So much for that brief moment of glory.

Currently busy with

I like to think about having time to update the Hardcore Strategy pages again; I wrote/assembled a substantial part of all that back in the day. They basically reflect everything I know about the game now, but NS13 has caused a great disturbance in the force and I don't even have time to play the game itself might now fully, much less lecture on optimal technique.