Ulrich Haarbürste

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Ulrich Haarbürste
Ulrich Haarbürste

Could it be? Is it possible that I am fortunate enough to be favored by a visit from...

Ah, no, it is not to be. It is only a disguise. I was foolish to become so filled with hope.

Sadly, I am without candy, since I have spent all of my available money on other things -- the care and feeding of my turtle, and certain... kitchen items.

I do have several rolls of this, though. Perhaps it will serve to satisfy your sweet tooth. Good day.

Device6.gifYou acquire an item: fruitfilm

Occurs while Trick or Treating in the Roy Orbison Disguise.


  • "Haarbürste" is German for "Hairbrush".
  • This is a reference to Ulrich Haarbürste's fetishistic stories about wrapping Roy Orbison in clingfilm.