Two Sizes Too Small

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Two Sizes Too Small
Two Sizes Too Small

While wandering around the Hidden Park, you encounter a pygmy witch psychiatrist.

"Hey, doc," you say, "do you have a minute? I'd really like to talk about my... umm... feelings and stuff."

"Sorry, but I'm already late for my next appointment. Call my assistant and we'll schedule something for next week."

He runs off, and in the process of running off, he drops a tiny bag of powder on the ground. Angry that he wouldn't take the time to help you, you decide to just hork it instead of giving it back to him.

Of course, you'll feel guilty about it later, and have to discuss it with a psychiatrist...

Powder.gifYou acquire an item: shrinking powder

Occurs at The Hidden Park, semi-rarely.


  • Prior to the August 24, 2013 revamp of The Hidden City, this adventure occurred in the Ruins and one of the lines was:
    While wandering around the Hidden City, you encounter one of the pygmy witch psychiatrists.


  • The line about wanting to talk about your feelings may be a reference to David Seville's song "Witch Doctor," which begins with the singer asking a witch doctor for advice on love.
  • The name of this adventure is a reference to Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Near the beginning of this book, the Grinch is described as having a heart two sizes too small.
  • This adventure references the fact that a mental health professional is called a Headshrinker, which can also mean a maker of shrunken heads.