Tuesday's ruby

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Tuesday's ruby
Tuesday's ruby

This is a gem that seems to change with every new day. Sometimes it's not even red; it's hard to hang a name on it, even just to call it a ruby. It's still pretty, though: when the sun is bright, or in the darkest night, just looking at it makes you happy.

Type: off-hand item
Mysticality Required: 45
Selling Price: 200 Meat.

+5% Meat from Monsters (on Sundays)
+5% Muscle (on Mondays)
Regenerate 3-7 MP per adventure (on Tuesdays)
+5% Mysticality (on Wednesdays)
+5% Item Drops from Monsters (on Thursdays)
+5% Moxie (on Fridays)
Regenerate 3-7 HP per adventure (on Saturdays)

(In-game plural: Tuesday's rubies)
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Obtained From

An Oasis
rolling stone


  • As the description indicates, the ruby's enchantment changes every day, at midnight Mountain Standard Time (the time zone of Phoenix, Arizona, which does not practice Daylight Saving Time).


  • Ruby Tuesday is a song by The Rolling Stones. The item description contains numerous references to the song's lyrics.
  • The way the item's effects "change with every new day" is also a reference to the lyrics.

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