Trivial Avocations Card: Who?

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Trivial Avocations Card: Who?
Trivial Avocations Card: Who?

This is a card with a single trivia question on it. The top of the card reads "WHO?" in big letters. If the question is "WHO is going to read this trivia question here in a minute," the answer is probably you.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: Trivial Avocations Cards: Who?)
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Obtained From

Trivial Avocations board game (0-3)

When Used

You pull out the trivia card (#797/1200) and read it.

Question: What player for the Flabbernathy Marketable Ninjas was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his or her last-second tackle in the 1937 blernsball championship?

Flip the card over for the answer

Answer: Todd Cooper's husband.

Trivia3.gifYou acquire an effect: You Know Who to Call
(duration: 1 Adventure)

If you have the other 3 Trivial Avocations effects active:

Trivia2.gifYou lose an effect: You Know When to Walk Away
Trivia4.gifYou lose an effect: You Know Where to Go
Trivia1.gifYou lose an effect: You Know What's Up
Trivia5.gifYou acquire an effect: Trivia Master
(duration: 30 Adventures)


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