Tossing the Salad

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Tossing the Salad
Tossing the Salad

The great Spectral Salad Factory! None may know the hour of its coming or going, but here it is! Who knows what sort of terrifying salad-manufacturing horrors may await you within these ghostly walls -- Merciless, unyielding crouton golems? Bewitching, beguiling radish dancers? The terrible Archfiend Bako, Lord of Lies?

You grit your nerves, wield your teeth, and steel your weapon... wait... Well anyway, you burst through the door, ready for action!

"Hello," says a man in gray overalls.

"Hello. Which way to the terrifying salad-manufacturing horrors?"

"Laid off," he says. "Whole factory went automated last fall." He gestures to a salad that goes zipping by on a conveyor belt. "Me and a couple other maintenance guys, that's all that's left."

"L-laid off?" you stammer, aghast.

"Ayep. Well, 'cept the golems, they got dismantled for sold off for parts. Radish dancers all got jobs in gentlemen's clubs."

"And Bako?"

"The Lord of Lies? Well, why don't you just go ahead and assume I made some witty political joke, there. Save me some trouble."

"Huh. That's pretty disappointing."

"Well, that's progress for ya. Sorry 'bout that. Here, have a salad," he says, plucking one from the conveyor belt as it whizzes by.

Salad.gifYou acquire an item: delicious salad

Occured at The Spectral Salad Factory.


  • The "terrible Archfiend Bako" is probably named after Bac~Os®. The title "Lord of Lies" may be a refutation of the slogan "Bac~Os® makes every bite better®"; more likely, it may refer to the fact that the product contains no actual bacon (or any kind of meat, for that matter), despite its obvious bacony implications.
  • The adventure title is a sexual euphemism (NSFW).