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Tool Time
Tool Time

You make your way into the gingerbread garage, and find that it's well-stocked with a variety of tools, all of which are designed to work exclusively on lollipop sticks. What are the odds?

Actually, ignore that question. A better question is "What would you like to make?"

Make a bucket (4 sticks)

Using a screwdriver, a file, and a considerable amount of elbow grease, you fashion a bucket out of the lollipop sticks.

Suckerbucket.gifYou acquire an item: sucker bucket
Make a helmet (5 sticks)

Using a puttyknife, two crescent wrenches, and four different drill presses, you whip up a cool samurai helmet.

Suckerhat.gifYou acquire an item: sucker kabuto
Make some pants (6 sticks)

Using some tinsnips, some parsnips, and some snipping clips, you make a sweet pair of samurai pants.

Suckerpants.gifYou acquire an item: sucker hakama
Make a sword (7 sticks)

Using two hammers, two mallets, and one bandsaw, you sword up a whip. I mean whip up a sword.

Suckersword.gifYou acquire an item: sucker tachi
Make a scaffold (8 sticks)

Using some clamps, some chisels, and a left-handed smokeshifter, you fashion a cube of lollipop stick scaffolding. This'll come in handy for... something?

Suckerscaffold.gifYou acquire an item: sucker scaffold
Leave the workshop

You take your leave of the gingerbread garage[sic]


  • Occurs when choosing "Check out the garage" from Gingerbread Homestead.
  • Options for which you don't have enough lollipop sticks will not appear.
  • Choosing "Leave the workshop" does not consume an adventure.
  • Of the items you can make, only the scaffold is tradable.