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This Doesn't Look Like Candy Mountain

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This Doesn't Look Like Candy Mountain
This Doesn't Look Like Candy Mountain

Slowly and groggily, you regain consciousness in a bathtub full of ice. The last thing you remember is a walking through the Spooky Forest, and a unicorn asking you if his rag smelled like chloroform. You carefully feel around your back and, not surprisingly, find a row of uneven, amateurish stitches. Looks like they've taken one of your kidneys. Man, you hate when that happens. Stupid unicorns.

You discover a pile of meat next to the tub, with a note that says "Thanks pal -- here's your "cut", ha ha." So I guess that's something.

Still, though. Stupid unicorns.

Meat.gifYou gain 1,000 Meat.
Kidney.gifYou acquire an effect: Missing Kidney
(duration: ∞ Adventures)

Occurs at The Spooky Forest (Bad Moon only).


  • No special message is displayed when you acquire the intrinsic effect.
  • It is possible to purchase your kidney at the black market later in the game.


  • The name of the adventure and the unicorn are a reference to the Flash animation Charlie the Unicorn, in which a unicorn is led to Candy Mountain, only to have his kidney stolen.
  • The "unicorn asking you if his rag smelled like chloroform" is a reference to the so called "#1 pickup line of all time".
  • The adventure is a reference to the urban legend.
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