There Goes Fritz!

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Amount of icicles/kills varying mechanic?

There Goes Fritz!
There Goes Fritz!

You wander through Exposure Esplanade for what seems like a really long time. It's really snowy, and no matter which way you're going it seems like it's uphill. You'll have to remember to tell your grandchildren about this.

After a while, you find yourself surprisingly high up -- you can see the whole Esplanade from here (and if you lived here, you'd be able to see your house!) You can also see the majestic expanse of the ceiling, positively bristling with icicles.

All in all, the scene makes you feel like yodeling. The only question is how much.

Yodel a little
Yodel a lot
Yodel your heart out

  • When yodeling a little:

Unable to summon up much Alpine spirit, you clear your throat and belt out a half-hearted yodel.

  • When yodeling a lot:

You bust out a few seconds of yodeling. It's not quite at the top of your lungs, but it's not quite at the bottom, either.

  • When yodeling your heart out:

First clearing your lungs by bellowing "Riiiiiiiiiicolaaaaaaaa," you spend several minutes yodeling. It's quite invigorating!

  • If your yodel was ineffective:

All of a sudden, the platform you're standing on collapses, and you tumble down the hill to land amongst the igloos.

  • If there were not enough icicles for your yodel:

The force of your yodeling knocks loose a couple of icicles, which fall into the Esplanade. Unfortunately, there seem to have been too few icicles remaining to do any real damage. Drat!

  • If your yodel was effective:

The force of your yodeling knocks loose <amount> icicles, which fall into the Esplanade, crushing igloos, puncturing refrigerators, and impaling <amount> hobos.

  • If your yodel was too effective:

Man. You didn't mean to cause that much damage. You vow to stop yodeling forever. Or at least for a little while.

Occurs at Exposure Esplanade.


  • The amount of icicles knocked loose and hobos killed can vary – observed quantities include "several", "a handful of", "a bunch of", "dozens of", or "hundreds of". It appears to be a percentage of the remaining bank of icicles – if there are more icicles up there, then more will fall with any given yodel.
  • When "you vow to stop yodeling forever", you will not receive this adventure in the current instance of Hobopolis for several hundred adventures. This may happen after a small-sized yell (tiny chance) or a medium-sized yodel (small chance), and will happen after yodelling your heart out. If you adventure in the current hobopolis instance long enough, it will eventually return.


  • The title of this adventure refers to an incident during a game of Cliff Hangers (which, significantly, has a soundtrack with yodeling) on The Price is Right. An erstwhile host, Dennis James, jokingly referred to the mountain climber depicted in the game as "Fritz", as that was the name of the mountain-climbing husband of model Janice Pennington. When the contestant lost the game and the mountain climber fell off the mountain, James exclaimed, "There goes Fritz!" -- not knowing Janice's husband had gone missing, presumably in a mountain-climbing accident.
  • The fact that you'll want to tell your grandchildren refers to the classic quote about climbing "through the snow, uphill, both ways", often attributed to grandparents.
  • Ricola are a Swiss manufacturer, well known for their cough sweets and the accompanying ad campaign that featured shouts of "Riiiiiiiiiicolaaaaaaaa" echoing through the Alps.
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