The X-32-F Combat Training Snowman

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The X-32-F Combat Training Snowman
Zone Num 460
Location The Snojo
Recom Stat 0
Combat % 100
Terrain indoor
refreshedit data

There is only one monster here, and it has the same name as the location.

A primary stat of 0 is suggested. If your main stat isn't high enough, you'll see the following message:

(It is recommended that you have at least 0 <mainstat> to adventure here.)

Combat Adventures

X-32-F Combat Training Snowman This monster is a Construct -- (edit metadata)
Head: This makes the snowman more relatable as an opponent.
Professional-Strength Hair Dryer: Deals Hot damage each round.
Base: This part stops the functional parts of the snowman from touching the ground.
  • Item Drops: None
  • Meat Drop: None
  • Monster Level: unknownSubstat Gain: unknownMoxie for No Hit*: unknown
  • Monster Defense: unknown
  • Hit Points: unknown
  • Initiative: 0
  • Elemental Alignment: cold, weak against hot and spooky
  • Damage Resistance: ?