The WLF Bunker

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The WLF Bunker

The inside of the bunker is sparsely furnished -- mostly with some little piles of ashes that you can only assume used to be some chairs and a table.

A speaker crackles to life: "Do your part to smash the system!"

"How do I..." you respond, but -- "Don't interrupt me!" the voice snaps. "Today's operations are posted on the wall next to the door."

You turn around, and sure enough:

Today's Operations:
Depose LavaCo™ Leadership proof:Jackmoustache.gif Mr. Cheeng's 'stache
Turn In
Eliminate Lavalos proof:C13cookie1.gif Lavalos core
Turn In
Priority Target: Crisp proof:Bagofchips.gif Pener's crisps
Turn In
  • When turning in proof:

A woman in an orange denim jumpsuit emerges from a hidden trap door, smiles, and hands you a coin in exchange for your efforts.

Volcoino.gifYou acquire an item: Volcoino
  • After completing a task:

You enter the bunker, but the speaker is silent. You've already done your day's work, soldier!


  • Three possible operations are available each day. You can complete only one each day.
  • List of possible operations and their proof:
Operation Proof
Acquire Medical Supplies New Age healing crystal (5)
Acquire Offensive Technology superduperheated metal
Acquire Rations gooey lava globs (5)
Depose LavaCo™ Leadership Mr. Cheeng's 'stache
Eliminate Lavalos Lavalos core
Eliminate Travoltron Saturday Night thermometer
get thing from factory glass ceiling fragments
Materiel Theft: Body Armor SMOOCH bracers (3)
Materiel Theft: Rations SMOOCH bottlecap
Overthrow Mine Boss Mr. Choch's bone
Procure Incinerator Fuel smooth velvet bra (3)
Recover Mind Control Device The One Mood Ring
Sabotage Factory Machinery fused fuse
Sabotage Mine H. R. half-melted hula girl
Priority Target: Crisp Pener's crisps
Priority Target: Freshly signed deuce
Priority Target: Smimmons the tongue of Smimmons
Priority Target: Stamley Raul's guitar pick

Occurs in The W.L.F Bunker in That 70s Volcano.