The Terrified Eagle Inn

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The inn is cozy, but the air is heavy with unsurprising dread. Patrons quietly go about the business of eating and drinking with grim determination and heavy heads in the place of gusto and... aplomb.

The carriageman sits near the hearth, ashen, staring into an empty mug.

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Coffeecup.gif hot Dreadsylvanian cocoa Dv krueggerand.gif 1
Soupbowl.gif Dreadsylvanian stew Dv krueggerand.gif 10
Whitedrink.gif white Dreadsylvanian Dv krueggerand.gif 10
Dv key.gif Dreadsylvanian skeleton key Dv krueggerand.gif 25
Folder1.gif folder (tranquil landscape) Dv krueggerand.gif 25
Flask.gif brass Dreadsylvanian flask Dv krueggerand.gif 100
Flask.gif silver Dreadsylvanian flask Dv krueggerand.gif 100
Dr beer.gif bottle of Bloodweiser Dv krueggerand.gif 200
Sk koolaid.gif electric Kool-Aid Dv krueggerand.gif 200
Book3.gif Tales of Dread Dv krueggerand.gif 250
Dv freddyhat.gif dreadful fedora Dv krueggerand.gif 500
Dv freddysweater.gif dreadful sweater Dv krueggerand.gif 500
Dv freddyglove.gif dreadful glove Dv krueggerand.gif 500
Dvtat.gif Official Seal of Dreadsylvania Dv krueggerand.gif 1,000
You have:
Dv krueggerand.gif X/no Freddy Kruegerand(s)


You don't have enough Freddy Kruegerands for that transaction.
  • Trying to buy without selecting anything or "off-menu":
That isn't a thing that's sold here.
Advanced MechanicsThe Terrified Eagle InnShoppingNon-combat Table
Dreadsylvanian Woods
Great Wolf of the Air (Hard Mode)
Falls-From-Sky (Hard Mode)
Dreadsylvanian Village
Mayor Ghost (Hard Mode)
Zombie Homeowners' Association (Hard Mode)
Dreadsylvanian Castle
The Unkillable Skeleton (Hard Mode)
Count Drunkula (Hard Mode)