The Tale of the Mysterious Sexy Pottery

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The Tale of the Mysterious Sexy Pottery
The Tale of the Mysterious Sexy Pottery

You grab a roasting stick and mercilessly skewer your marshmallow. As you roast, you listen to a spine-curdling, blood-tingling tale from Roger Kenny, the Roastmaster: "So a certain young lady was at home alone," Roger begins, holding a flashlight under his chin, "and she decided she would work at her pottery wheel while she waited for her husband to come home. So she put the clay on the wheel, started to spin it, dipped her hands in a bowl of water, and ran them up and down the clay, shaping it into a vase. She ran her hands up and down the clay, up and down, sensuously molding...squeezing..."

"Um, what does this have to do with the story?" the roaster next to you asks.

"Sorry, sorry. So she felt a prickling on the base of her neck, and then a pair of arms came from behind her and two hands placed themselves over her own! Together they worked the clay, squeezing and rubbing, covering their hands with the clay, and the mud, and the water... then she turned around and it was her husband! And they took off their..."

"Aren't these supposed to be ghost stories?"

"Oh, right. And later, her husband died and came back to haunt her as a spooooooky ghooooost! He even possessed total strangers just to be with her!"

Spooooky. You feel a tingle run up and down your spine as you contemplate the metaphysics of sexy pottery.

HPYou lose X hit points. (spooky damage)
MPYou gain Y Mana Points.
Roastmallow.gifYou acquire an item: roasted marshmallow

Occurs at A Yuletide Bonfire (if you have a marshmallow).



  • This adventure is a reference to the movie Ghost.
  • The Roastmaster "Roger Kenny" is a reference to the country singer Kenny Rogers, who owned Kenny Rogers Roasters, a chain of chicken restaurants.