The Tale of the Mysterious Moping Prince

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The Tale of the Mysterious Moping Prince
The Tale of the Mysterious Moping Prince

You grab a roasting stick and mercilessly skewer your marshmallow. As you roast, you listen to a spine-curdling, blood-tingling tale from Roger Kenny, the Roastmaster:

"Once upon a time, in a foreign land, there was a young prince," Roger says, holding a flashlight under his chin for maximum spoooky effect. "The prince's uncle killed the King and married the Queen --"

"Oh, I've heard this one," a fellow roaster says. "They were all lions, right?"

"No, they were people."

"No, I'm pretty sure, and the evil uncle had this herd of hyenas that did his bidding. . ."

"They were people in this story, okay? Okay. So the prince didn't know what to do about it, and he was really depressed all the time, and he moped around the castle. Then, the spooooky ghost of his father appeared to him and told him to get off his kiester and make something of himself!"

"Brrr. My dad was like that, too. So what did the prince do?"

"Well, he tried to get some revenge, but he screwed it up pretty bad, and everybody died except Horatio."

"Was he the warthog, or the meerkat?"

"They were all people! Anyway, he died, and his mother died, and his uncle died, and they all became spoooky ghosts that were doomed to be together in the castle for all eternity."

You feel shivers run up and down your spine at the thought of spending an eternity with your extended family. Freaky, man.

HPYou lose X hit points. (spooky damage)
MPYou gain Y Mana Points.
Roastmallow.gifYou acquire an item: roasted marshmallow

Occurs at A Yuletide Bonfire (if you have a marshmallow).



  • The story is a reference to Shakespeare's Hamlet.
  • The story is also a reference to Disney's popular movie The Lion King, which shares many plot elements with Hamlet.