The Tale of the Mysterious Albino Ladies and Stuff

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The Tale of the Mysterious Albino Ladies and Stuff
The Tale of the Mysterious Albino Ladies and Stuff

You grab a roasting stick and mercilessly skewer your marshmallow. As you roast, you listen to a spine-curdling, blood-tingling tale from Roger Kenny, the Roastmaster:

"Once upon a time," he says, holding a flashlight under his chin for maximum spoooky effect, "there was a house that had a terrible curse on it. Anyone who entered it would be haunted by spoooky ghosts."

"Could you vague that up for me?" a fellow roaster asks, sneering.

"Well -- you know, spooky stuff. Like, a pale woman with black eyes and long, flowing black hair, who makes this horrible noise, like a meatcar with a slipping gear --"

"Sounds like my wife in the morning."

"Well, there's also a pale kid with black eyes, too, only when he screams, he meows like a cat. And there's this -- wait, I better start over. So, in this house, this guy killed his wife by strangling her, and then drowned their kid in the bathtub, with their cat, and so now if you go into the house, you get haunted, and killed, and anybody who comes into contact with you gets haunted, too --"

"So it's a ghost virus? Does it spread through physical contact, or is it airborne?"

"I'm not sure. But you can get it through your mob penguin cell phone, too, and sometimes when you're showering a hand will come out of the back of your head, a spooky, ghostly hand. And then the spooky girl with the long black hair comes crawling out of your television set. Wait, that's another story." Roger pauses and pulls himself together. "Anyway, all of the drains in the haunted house became filled with the ghost's greasy, grimy, long black hair! Tangles and snarls of it! No plumber could tame it."

You shudder a little as you think about trying to unclog a drain full of spectral hair. Just thinking about wet, dead hair touching your fingers gives you goosebumps.

HPYou lose X hit points. (spooky damage)
MPYou gain Y Mana Points.
Roastmallow.gifYou acquire an item: roasted marshmallow

Occurs at A Yuletide Bonfire (if you have a marshmallow).