The Super-Secret Canadian Mind-Control Device

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Clicking on this leads to choice adventure 769 (The Super Secret Canadian Mind-Control Device).. same choice results as here (minus the "Mind-Control Device" section (is that even supposed to be here?)).
The Super-Secret Canadian Mind-Control Device

Mind-Control Device

In the center of Little Canadia, you find a strange device, covered with knobs and dials and blinking lights. A label on the side of the device reads "Super-Secret Canadian Mind-Control Device."

It's just as you've always suspected! The Canadians are secretly in control of all of the monsters in the Kingdom.

If you are a Zombie Slayer: Well, except you. And your zombie friends, probably.

The device is currently set to level X. Note that the dial goes to 11. Most mind-control devices have dials that go up to 10, but this one goes to 11. It's one higher.

Set the dial to: Level {0 to 11}. Touch that dial!


Located in Little Canadia, an area only accessible to players who have ascended with the Platypus, Opossum, or Marmot zodiac sign, this device has a dial which supposedly controls all the monsters in the Kingdom. The dial goes from 0 to 11.

Setting the dial adds that number to the level of every monster you fight.

Previous theories said that at 11 the dial makes the monsters significantly more powerful than it would at 10, but this has since been disproved.

If you defeat the Boss Bat, Knob Goblin King, Baron von Ratsworth, and Bonerdagon with The Super-Secret Canadian Mind-Control Device set to 11, you become entitled to the Boss Boss trophy.

Setting the dial to 0 yields the following message:

You switch the dial. All of the monsters in the Kingdom settle back into their normal routines.

Setting the dial to a number 1 to 11 yields the following message:

You switch the dial. All of the monsters in the kingdom suddenly perk up their ears, as though receiving secret instructions.

Attempting (through possibly unscrupulous means) to set the dial to a number that is out of the valid range yields the following message:

Invalid dial setting. You invalid dial setter, you. Hey, we just got a new dog! It's an Invalid Dial Setter!

You can also receive special rewards if you defeat certain bosses with the dial at certain settings, as detailed below. Click through the individual rewards for more details.

Boss Setting Special Reward
Baron von Ratsworth 2 Moneyclip.gif Baron von Ratsworth's money clip
Baron von Ratsworth 9 Tophat.gif Baron von Ratsworth's tophat
Boss Bat 4 Batpants.gif Boss Bat britches
Boss Bat 8 Batbling.gif Boss Bat bling
The Knob Goblin King 3 Glassballs.gif Glass Balls of the Goblin King
can be crafted into Staff of the Soupbone
The Knob Goblin King 7 Codpiece2.gif Codpiece of the Goblin King
The Bonerdagon 5 Rib.gif rib of the Bonerdagon
can be crafted into Staff of the Soupbone
The Bonerdagon 10 Vertebra.gif vertebra of the Bonerdagon
can be crafted into Bonerdagon necklace


  • This could be a reference to an actual project on the research of mind control.
  • The dial alludes to a popular scene from the 1984 movie This Is Spinal Tap, in which the guitarist claims that his amp is louder than any other amp because its volume dial goes up to eleven, which is one more than the standard ten, and uses the phrase "It's one louder."
  • "Touch that dial" is a play on "Don't touch that dial," a much-used phrase in television.
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