The Red Zeppelin's Mooring

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When does the mob zone change pictures?

The Red Zeppelin's Mooring is located in The Big Mountains, after reading your father's MacGuffin diary, as part of the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin.

You cannot access The Red Zeppelin without first clearing the A Mob of Zeppelin Protesters.

Zep bg.gif
Zep mob5.gif Zep towerbase.gif

Once you clear most of the mob out (X protesters), you can gain access to The Red Zeppelin.

Zep active.gif
Zep mob1.gif Zep towerbase.gif

And once you defeat Ron Copperhead, the zeppelin will stay up in flames.

Zep fire.gif
Zep mob1.gif Zep towerbase.gif


  • You need to clear 80 protesters from the mob to unlock the zeppelin.