The Latest Sorcerous Developments

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The Latest Sorcerous Developments
The Latest Sorcerous Developments

Over near one edge of the camp, you discover a group of hippies sitting around a blanket, inspecting some tiny pieces of paper. "What's going on?" you ask.

One of the hippies looks up. "Hey man, we've discovered some incredibly powerful scrolls of ancient magic! Here, take a look." He hands you a scrap of paper smaller than the tip of your pinky finger.

"It's, um... a bit small, isn't it? For an incredibly powerful scroll of ancient magic, I mean."

"Yeah," says the hippy, "they don't look like much. But we've discovered that you can get the magic out by putting them under your tongue. See Tim over there? He discovered an entirely new model of consciousness in his scroll. And Pete -- the guy over there with his face in the dirt? He says his scroll gave him the power to see all the way through to the center of the planet."

"What about that guy over there, staring into space?"

"That's Bing. He thinks he's a lizard."

Tinyscroll.gifYou acquire an item: teeny-tiny magic scroll

Occurs at The Hippy Camp (in disguise or not), semi-rarely.


  • The teeny-tiny magic scroll is a reference to the drug LSD, evidenced by the acronym formed by the adventure title, as well as hippies' actions.
  • Tim and his new model of consciousness could be a reference to drug guru Timothy Leary, who has advocated drug use as a tool for "mind expanding" and came up with a model of consciousness based on recreational drugs.