The Dogsled Track

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Sled Dog Race Track
Sled Dog Race Track

This appears to be a place where you can place bets on the dogsled races. You can tell because there are dogs and sleds and people lining up to bet on them. Also, a racetrack.

Your bets for the next dogsled race in less than X hours:

<Dog>: <NUM> certificates

You have bet <NUM> Wal-Mart gift certificates in total.

You have <NUM> Wal-Mart gift certificates.

Bet 5 certificates on Cliffjord
Bet 5 certificates on Cold Yeller
Bet 5 certificates on Frost Bolt
Bet 5 certificates on K-Ice-9
Bet 5 certificates on Brrappa
Bet 5 certificates on Little Santa's Helper
Bet 5 certificates on Snow White Fang
Bet 5 certificates on Scoob Igloo
Bet 5 certificates on Freeza Freeza
Bet 5 certificates on Hell's Frozen Rover
Bet 5 certificates on Icicleberry Hound

You place your bet.

Visit the dogs

Tune in to the Races

You are now listening to the races in the chat channel /tundra.

(clicking this button turns it into:)

Tune out of the Races

You are no longer listening to the races in /tundra.

Review the last Race

Take off

Occurs at The Glaciest.


  • If you do not have sufficient Wal-Mart gift certificates
    The minimum bet is 5 Wal-Mart gift certificates, and you don't have 5 certificates.
  • A race occurs every 22 hours.
  • 11 dogs can be bet on for the next upcoming race. In addition to the ones listed above these are rotated with:
    • Worlf
    • Glassier
    • Frigid Air Bud
    • Freon Trotsky
    • FroToto
    • Snowpy
    • Nome Chompsky
    • Brain Freeze
    • Marma, Duke of the North
    • Hound of the Baskerchills
    • Cool Spot
  • Visiting The Dogsled Track while a race is underway results in nothing but the message:
    Uh Oh!
    Betting for the current race has closed.
  • The chat channel /tundra is listen-only. Trying to talk in it results in the message:
    Shhh. You'll disrupt the dogs.
  • Trying to listen to /tundra without having access to The Glaciest results in
    Invalid chat channel name: tundra.
  • The channel consists solely of Ølaf Dogannouncerson announcing how many hours it is until the next race starts and then live commentary on the ongoing race, followed with an announcement of who won and that betting is open again.

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