The Thatch-Roofed Casino

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The Casino can be found on the Wrong Side of the Tracks in the Seaside Town. Entering the Casino requires a casino pass, which can be bought at the The General Store.

In the Casino, you will find:


  • Attempting to access The Casino without a casino pass yields:
You need a Casino Pass to gamble here.
  • Attempting to adventure at one the games without a casino pass yields:
You don't have a Casino Pass
  • When moving your cursor over The Casino, the tab that pops up is "The Thatched-Roof Casino".
  • In a Zombie Slayer run, the Casino is closed:
The Thatch-Roofed Casino has been boarded up, and the neon sign is dark. Amazing -- you've never seen the place closed before. A few zombies are scrabbling at the door, apparently still affected by their old MMG addictions.
  • Prior to July 2016, a wrestling booth was available, but was removed by The Powers That Be.