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The Boxer

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The Boxer
The Boxer

You stumble through the "fun" house, fleeing in terror from your latest creepy encounter. In the hall of mirrors, you see a door tucked between the mirror that makes you look really tall and the mirror that makes you look like Jim Morrison. You duck through it, and find a small clearing. In that clearing stands a boxer, an assembler of boxes by his trade.

"Hey!" he shouts. "You can't be in here! This area is not open to the public."

"That's a lie," you say. "Lie, lie lie."

He softens a little. "Yeah, okay, that's true. I mean, it's true what you said, that what I said isn't true. You can be back here if you want. But it's pretty boring. I mean, I just make boxes all day long.

"That sounds okay," you say. "Could I get a job? I'm asking only workman's wages."

"Sorry, but I don't need any help. D'you want some boxes, though?"

It was lucky of you to run into that guy. Free boxes!

Your ten-leaf clover disappears in a puff of smoke.

Box.gifYou acquire an item: box
Box.gifYou acquire an item: box
Box.gifYou acquire an item: box

Occurs at The "Fun" House with a ten-leaf clover.


  • The adventure text is based on the lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel's song The Boxer:
    • "Asking only workman's wages I come looking for a job / But I get no offers."
    • "In the clearing stands a boxer / and a fighter by his trade..."
    • (Chorus) "Lie la lie / Lie la lie lie, lie la lie..."
  • This area of the "fun" house seems to be a reference to the Springfield box factory that Bart traveled to in an episode of the The Simpsons.
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