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The Bat Hole

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The Council of Loathing sends you on a quest to The Bat Hole in The Nearby Plains to defeat the Boss Bat. In order to adventure beyond the Entryway, you must have Stench Resistance. Fortunately, a Pine-Fresh air freshener does the trick, and it, not coincidentally, drops in the Entryway. The Entryway leads into Guano Junction. There, to unlock the other three areas, you must do any combination of the following three times: adventure for and fight bats to obtain sonars-in-a-biscuit or fight Screambats.

If you have less than 13 of your main stat, you will see:

You should not be here.
(You must have at least 13 Main Stat to adventure here.)

When entering the hole, one will find:


  • On November 9th, 2010 the Bat Hole was given a new look. It previously looked like:
Batholeexit.gif Batentry.gif
Batratroom.gif Batjunction.gif Batbeanroom.gif
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