The Ballad of Richie Thingfinder (item)

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The Ballad of Richie Thingfinder
The Ballad of Richie Thingfinder

This is the sheet music to the popular song, The Ballad of Richie Thingfinder. It includes the accordion part and... actually, it only includes the accordion part.

Type: usable
Grants Skill: The Ballad of Richie Thingfinder
Cannot be discarded
NOTE: This item grants a skill that can only be used by Accordion Thieves.

(In-game plural: copies of The Ballad of Richie Thingfinder)
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Item number: 3375
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Obtained From

The Heap
Deep Enough to Dive

When Used

You memorize the sheet music, then wad it up and swallow it. Gotta protect your trade secrets, y'know?

You acquire a skill: Richie.gif The Ballad of Richie Thingfinder


  • In the title of this item, the name "Thingfinder" may refer to the children's book Pippi Longstocking, in which the main character, Pippi, calls herself a "Thing-Finder", who is, according to Pippi, "somebody who hunts for things."


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