The Art of Slapfighting

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The Art of Slapfighting
The Art of Slapfighting

This is a childrens' book written by a great Eastern military tactician. It painstakingly details the proper techniques for building pillow forts, drawing imaginary borders across the middle of the living room, and eroding your opponents' morale by "not touching them, not touching them, not touching them."

(Meat Pasting component)
Type: usable
Grants Skill: Iron Palm Technique
Cannot be discarded

Only Seal Clubbers may use this item.

(In-game plural: copies of the Art of Slapfighting)
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Item number: 4406
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Obtained From

The Traveling Trader (100 twinkly wads)

When Used

  • First time:
You read the book. Most of it is too dense for you to absorb, but you do manage to learn how to do that cool hand-slapping-then-rubbing thing that Mr. Miyagi does.

You acquire a skill: Palmtree.gif Iron Palm Technique

Book4.gifYou acquire an item: The Art of Slapfighting (used)
  • Subsequent times:
You've already read that book.



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