Thar She Blows!

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Trophy Number: 133
Image Filename: barfily_ever_after.gif

Thar She Blows!
Thar She Blows!

This trophy is earned by watching Cinderella vomit on the Prince's shoes in The Prince's Ball.

Thar She Blows! You're entitled to the "Thar She Blows!" trophy, for watching Cinderella throw up on the Prince's shoes.


  • Here's one way to qualify for the trophy:
    • Lounge, Take a cigar from the sideboard
    • Kitchen, Inspect the kitchen pantry
    • Kitchen, Pour cinnamon into the cannoli filling
    • Canapés Table, Take a piece of cheese
    • Restroom, Take some soap
    • Balcony, Examine the flowers
    • Balcony, Speak with the Baroness
    • Balcony, Ask the Baroness what troubles her
    • Dance floor, Give your carnation to the Baroness and steal one of her hairpins
    • Restroom, Look in the medicine cabinet, Pick the lock, Take the bottle of syrup of ipecac
    • Lounge, Take the empty cigar box
    • Kitchen, Set a trap for the mouse, with soap in the bait
    • Spend 6 turns (perhaps collecting coins) until 12 minutes remain
    • Kitchen, Take the mouse out of the trap
    • Kitchen, Dose the tray of cannoli with ipecac
    • Canapés Table, Slip something into Cindy's purse while she's distracted, The foaming mouse
    • Canapés Table, Ask Cindy to loan you her handkerchief
    • Canapés Table, Offer Cindy your 'customized' cannoli.
    • Spend turns on the Dance Floor until Cindy barfs
  • You have to actually witness her vomit to get the trophy, but once she does, you can abort if you like (or just waste remaining turns).