Taste of the God Lobster

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Taste of the God Lobster

Taste of the God Lobster

You have the naturally enhanced tastebuds of the God Lobster.

Increases Stats from Food

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Effect number: 2406
Description ID: 7a540633409b261fe7c3ab1016edde76
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Obtained From


  • The effect increases all substats gained from food by +100%. This stacks multiplicatively with other effects that boost stat gains by a percentage.
  • When eating with Taste of the God Lobster active, 5 turns of the effect are lost per fullness of the item consumed, displaying the message:
With your Lobster Godlike senses, you get the most out of your food.
Godlob crown.gifYou lose some of an effect: Taste of the God Lobster (X Adventures)
  • The full effect will take place even if there aren't enough turns to cover the food's entire fullness.

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