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How much experience

with the rod, I got ~2.173*mainstat to each stat (had 150? mus with mus moonsign, got 359 mus, 326 mys, 327 mox)
with the robe I got ~2.625 or 2.642*mainstat to each stat (had 151 or 152 mus with mus moonsign, 438 mus, 399 mys, 399 mox)
there seems to be some variance due to rounding as I have received slightly different numbers for mys and mox on the first attempt. (mus being higher is explained by the moonsign giving +10%). I also unintentionally looked at what my mainstat was after I asked for the experience boon instead of before, then extrapolated from that so my initial is a bit off. first attempt had me end up with 151 mainstat. second one had me end up with 153. I will be more careful when measuring this in the future --Taltamir (talk) 05:28, 28 July 2018 (UTC)