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Era Date Encountered glass of goat's milk goat cheese Information Source
Era 1 05-Jan-06 517 161 291 Item Drop Bonus: +40% Yiab
05-Jan-06 786 181 364 Item Drop Bonus: +20% Yiab

The numbers given here for goat cheese do not support the numbers in the main article....
(364/1.2) / 786 = 0.386
(291/1.4) / 517 = 0.402
Total average = 0.392

Which is also in line with my own data collection (done with no drop enhancers), which indicates about 40%. --Hellion 4/3/06 10:44pm CDT

Sleaze Attack

Um... I just ran into a dairy goat who dealt sleazy damage to me. Does anyone want to confirm this?

  • the goats may deal sleazy damage, but they're not sleazy. that is, they're not overly sensitive to cold or spook. --Evilkolbot 02:16, 1 September 2006 (CDT)

typo? sic?

One of the miss messages reads: She triest to smack you with her hoof, but you hoof it out of the way. if there is a t behind tries, please add a [sic] behind if not please correct. I'm too lazy to check the message myself. AniVisual 06:11, 15 January 2008 (CST)