Styrofoam peanuts

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styrofoam peanuts
styrofoam peanuts

This is a double-handful of styrofoam packing peanuts. They'd be useful if, y'know, you bought a bunch of great handmade props, and something was needed to help protect them in shipping.

It's a shame they're really not useful for anything else at all.

Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: bunches of styrofoam peanuts)
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Item number: 1955
Description ID: 545471251
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Obtained From

Redeem a code from the Feelies Pack


  • This item will appear in your inventory after being redeemed using the chat interface. Enter the redemption code for your item by typing the following into the chat input field:
    /redeem <XXX>
    where <XXX> represents an alphanumeric code located on the label inside the box containing your feelies pack. After a working code is entered, the following message will be printed in chat:
    As you recite the incantation, a shower of packing peanuts rains down on you, and into your inventory. What a gyp!
  • Attempting to redeem a code which has already been used by someone else results in the message "Code already used."
  • Attempting to redeem more than one valid code from the same account results in the message "You've already redeemed one of those."
  • Attempting to redeem an invalid code results in the message "Invalid code."
  • Attempting to redeem too many codes in a short period of time results in the message "Not so fast."
  • This special and very 'useful' item is acquired by buying a "KoL Feelies Pack" (The great handmade props mentioned in the item description) from the Store of Loathing or having pre-ordered one at KoLCon 3-D.


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