Storm of the Scarab

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Storm of the Scarab

Storm of the Scarab

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 8

It's unclear how scarabs became so important in your cosmology, considering that they're just weird little beetles that roll balls of poop around, but there are engravings in honor of them everywhere you look. They must have hired an amazing PR consultant.

All-elements attack spell

Source: The Book of the Undying
Price: N/A
Class: Actually Ed the Undying
Level: Evocations 4
Effect: Deals 0.1*Mys Prismatic Damage.
When Used:
You summon a swarm of scarab beetles to harass your opponent in every way imaginable... or at least five of the ways imaginable. Your opponent takes X (+X) (+X) (+X) (+X) damage.

You demonstrate the horrors of nature to your opponent by summoning it -- in the form of a massive swarm of scarab beetles -- to do various horrible (but natural) things to him. Which they do, for X (+X) (+X) (+X) (+X) damage.

You call on the five aspects of the great Scarab: the heat of the burning sun, the cold of the underground burrow, the spookiness of alien insect intelligence, the sleaze of uh well let's not discuss their bedroom preferences, and the stench of the fact that they basically push a big ball of poop around in the aforementioned burning hot sun all day. Your opponent takes X (+X) (+X) (+X) (+X) from the power of these majestic and weird creatures.


  • Spell damage of each element dealt is 0.1*Mys, uncapped and calculated separately (with a variance of 25% in both directions). Deals no damage if Mysticality is reduced to 1.
  • Bonus spell damage is added to each element of this skill, making Bonus Spell Damage very effective.

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