Stack of communist leaflets

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stack of communist leaflets
stack of communist leaflets

These leaflets are printed with bold graphics and color and slogans and very little in the way of actual information.

You have spread the Reindeers' message to X monsters so far.

(Y today)

Type: off-hand item
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: stacks of communist leaflets)
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Item number: 8762
Description ID: 568727566
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Obtained From

Crimbo Town (2015)
Reindeer Commune

When Used

  • On first use against a monster ever:
<proselytization message>

+1 Communist Reindeer Proselytization

  • When already used on that monster ever:
You've already spread the reindeers' message to this monster.


The text about your progress only appear if you have used them. That is to say there is no message for 0 flyers distributed. Possible messages include:

  • "Did you know that in a perfect society," you tell your opponent while handing it a flyer, "The workers... something, something... means of production?"
  • "Here, have a flyer," you say, handing it to your opponent. They glance at it briefly, and continue attacking you.
  • "Here, have some communist propaganda," you say, handing a flyer to your opponent.
"Oh cool, thanks," they say.
  • "Hey, would you like a dramatic picture of a fist printed in red ink with some sort of militant slogan under it?" you ask your opponent.
"But of course!" he replies.
  • You hand a flyer to your opponent. "What's this?" it asks.
"You'll have to go ask Rudolph," you say. "I barely ever understand what that guy is talking about."
  • You hand your opponent a flyer. He takes it to be polite, then looks around for a trash can. Finding none, he grumbles and stuffs it in his pocket.