Spooky-Night Spooky Day, the Zomborian

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Spooky-Night Spooky Day, the Zomborian
Spooky-Night Spooky Day, the Zomborian

Welcome back, Zombo. We, your faithful servants, have a question for you, should you deign to answer it.

We have been faithful and followed your commandments. We know that the only limit is ourselves. We know that anything is possible. We just aren't really sure where to start . . . like, should we be handing out tracts, or farming for parsnips, or playing video games all day, or what? I think we need just a little bit of direction.

Oh, you're just a kid in a halloween costume? Well, do you have any ideas about where we should start working Zombo's will on earth, once we figure out what it is?

No clue? Oh, well. Have some candy. Or don't. I mean, the only limit is yourself.

Hob-o.gifYou acquire an item: strawberry-flavored Hob-O

Occurs while Trick-or-Treating in the Dire Drifter Duds