Spice Ghost

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Spice Ghost

Spice Ghost

The Spice Ghost is a Pasta Thrall which can accompany Pastamancers in combat. A Pastamancer can bind an Spice Ghost by using the skill Bind Spice Ghost.


  • Increases Item Drops from Monsters by (10+L)%, where L is the level of the Spice Ghost.
  • Starting at level 5, drops spices during combat. This is limited to 10 spices a day, and can drop more than one spices per combat.
  • At level 10, it will increase the duration of Entangling Noodles by 1 turn.

Combat Messages

  • After combat:
  • <name> does an impression of a swarm of tiny bees dancing, directing each other to the items they've discovered.
  • <name> spins and whirls in the breeze, like a spicy little dust devil.
  • <name> whirls around picking up items, like a little couscous tornado.
  • <name> demonstrates a dance of celebration from his native land. Translated into couscous, it's basically incomprehensible.
  • <name> pirouettes in the air, searching for scattered items. Maybe he was a pierougi in a past life.
  • <name> performs an interpretive dance on the topic of loot discovery.
  • Sometimes, during combat (Level 5 and above):
  • <name> shakes loose a considerable quantity of spice. You conjure up a canister and collect it.
Spice.gifYou acquire an item: spices


  • Spice Ghost names follow a specific pattern. The names are two syllables long, such that each syllable starts with and ends with the same consonant sounds. The vowel in the middle is different. Some examples are "Bukbak", "Clipclep", "Cropcrip", "Fenfan", "Hickhock", and "Pexpux".


  • The name "Spice Ghost", the larger image of the ghost, and some of the combat messages are references to the cartoon character Space Ghost.


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